Cut Mutuma and he bleeds black and white! ‘Striker tried to join Bosso 3 times before’

Roderick Mutuma

Roderick Mutuma

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
HIGHLANDERS’ target Roderick Mutuma joined bitter rivals Dynamos by default after trying three times to join Bosso.

This sensational claim was made by Highlanders’ acting chairman Modern Ngwenya at the club’s weekly press briefing yesterday after being questioned about the delay in bringing Mutuma’s transfer to finality.

Ngwenya said they were going to finalise the Mutuma issue at their executive meeting next Monday as decisions can only be binding if they are made at a meeting  constituting a quorum.

“The player has openly told us that his first choice is Highlanders. He will only move to another team if Highlanders turn him down, which it hasn’t. I want to assure you that we are going to make a decision expeditiously,” said Ngwenya.

FC Platinum and ZPC Kariba are said to be keenly following Mutuma’s transfer saga. The two sides have already “robbed” Bosso of their targeted players, with FC Platinum snapping up Gift Mbweti and ZPC Kariba luring Tanzania’s Azam reject Francesco Zekumbawire.

Ngwenya again dispelled swirling rumours that they were serious fissures within the executive over Mutuma, despite coach Erol Akbay having already given his consent for his signing.

Ngwenya was, however, at pains to explain why they have to wait for a scheduled meeting to sign the player, particularly since he would join for free after a benefactor agreed to pay his signing on fee.

Speaking at the same press conference, Bosso stand in skipper Rahman Kutsanzira said Mutuma had been doing well at training and would add value to the team if signed.

“I would like to play alongside him at Highlanders. Mutuma can add something to the team; he is a good player,” said Kutsanzira, Bosso’s 2016 Player of the Year.

Kutsanzira said as players, winning the league title this year was not negotiable.

“Our preparations so far have been good; we have a team and are going in the right direction,” he said.


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  • willy

    Bantu akeni liyekele ukuzenzisa kanti what is it that makes you guys delay in getting this player? Lifuna kwenziweni kanti lizamkhumbula ngelinye ilanga eslihlupha ngokuhlohla against you guys. This player is hungry for success kanti why amehlo enu evalekile so? Dont you see that he has a point to prove to Dynamos yikho ekhethe a big team like Bosso. Under normal circumstances esekhafulwe yiDynamos laye ekwazi ukuthi akusela lutho he was going to try his luck kuBorder Strikers. Lingalandeli lowana otshise impahla akeni liphanigse Mutuma will make wonders at BF. Cant wait.

    • vusumuzi

      Hey wena , we are tired of being used as a springboard for the International Careers of Agent- contracted players all the time , what about the efforts we put in the Development teams of juniors-bayephi ke bona? There are a lot who are even more capable than Mutuma. Its his agent who is pushing and pressing and he has “inside people” who have always used the Club as a springboard for players., Immediate success -chasing is a problem, this is what killed Zimbabwe- overnight riches/success everyone is chasing, in Sport and Elsewhere!!! Let our Junior teams play in front of of crowds like in the old days where they were curtain raisers, and you will see what i mean. Plenty talent, if Akbay wants short-term success , akahambe . After all Bosso is improving his CV , NOT the other way round !!!! Hope the Office never signed a stupid contract that is difficult to get rid of him in case

      • Mayezane

        Take note that the young guys has no couch and they were going to a match without training and now you want them in the senior team, that does not work. Sign in experienced players to balance all factors that’s all.

        Moreover, Bosso need some tall guys in the box that’s why corner kicks have always been fruitless because defenders were always first.

        Too much short guys at Bosso. That’s why we are always overshadowed all the time we play against teams with giants.

  • Phaqa

    Asimpheni ichance umfana lowu bantu! Kade ekuwa bakithi

  • koka

    Since around Y2K bosso has deviated from the founding strategy significantly. Bosso strategy has always been to groom young players and sell them at their prime to clubs outside zim. we rarely had players leaving bosso for local teams. player like Peter, Tito, Madinda, Alexander, Adam, Willard etc were all groomed at bosso and later sold to foreign clubs. this strategy made sense because grooming a junior player is much more affordable than buying. selling a well groomed player at the right age is more profitable than reselling a player you bought. Bosso is in financial trouble because they deviated from this strategy which used to generate additional funds for the team. now we rely heavily on gate takings which are very low and will never sustain a team like highlanders. the executive need to go back to the basics. mutuma at 28, he actual looks 31 to me, is a big no. he has reached his twilight years and is on a downward slope. lingathi asitshongo.

    • Wellington

      Times have changed boss, Bosso should have moved with times abd be innovative, right now we dont even know their shop where we can buy merchandise, at this stage we should be having Bosso calenders, bosso branded pens etc but becoz of amaxhegu alesidala who cant move with times, iteam is always in red bahlala bekhala nje kuthwa magate takings this and that.

  • mtungwa

    We have absolutely no problem in grooming our own players. Last year we had a number of the youngsters in the team but they fizzled out. A good example is Prince Dube. He is a magnificent player but soon after the departure of Knox and Bruce he fizzled out. We need experienced players around him for him to shine and I believe that Mutuma can provide that cover. We need someone who will draw defenders away from Prince to allow him to bang the goals. Mutuma is good player and we need him. Now we are told that an ex Border Strikers Congolese striker is also training with Bosso. We never heard about this player and I am not sure if he scored 5 goals during his days at Border Strikers and we are considering him!! What a joke! Highlanders right now is suffering from a dearth of leadership. Morden is spineless. The coach has indicated that he wants Mutuma and we are dilly dallying. We are told to wait for the Executive meeting that will take place on Monday. Satsha bakithi.

    • The Real Soldier

      Waiting for an executive meeting to consider a free agent! Bosso is a big institution they put a system that give them something when the free agents go midway. A contract should answer that.

  • The Real Soldier

    Yes, Bosso should lean more on youth policy but times have changed everywhere in the world, teams are beefing up by buying players. Even $800,000 debt is not unique to Bosso. Bigger international clubs owe a lot more. Let me share what is in Uefa’s 2016 annual report in terms of debts for clubs (only top ten)

    10. Galatasaray -$236 Million
    9. CSKA Moscow – $238 Million
    8. Chelsea – the club is safe but UEFA has ranked it number in debt as they considered Abrahamovic’s $1 billion investment in the club
    7. AC Milan – $265 Million
    6. QPR – $297 Million (mostly owed to owners)
    5. FC Barcelona – $298 Million (it was $340 Million last year)
    4. Valencia $303 Million
    3. Inter Milan – $325 Million (last they had a loss of $78 Million)
    2. SL Benfica – $351 Million
    1. Manchester United – $570 Million (They are reported to be the best in annual revenue generation as well – last year $711 Million)

    Mutuma or no Mutuma, Bosso should mix experience with its junior policy so that the club remain attractive and starts to win international matches. We are told the lost 6-0 a practice match with Baroka, the whipping boys of South Africa’s PSL. That does not make good reading to us. Who were playing for Bosso in that practice match, juniors or seniors?

    • Popopo

      Truth be told l always laugh at the insinuations that the Castle premier league is better than the Supa Diski. Truth be told, the ABSA Premiership is way advanced and higher is still higher no matter how hard we may argue. The 6:0 drubbing of Bosso by bottom placed Baroka all in a so called practice match is not a fluke. A lot of reasons can be given as to why football has gone down in Zim. High amongst them is the 4 Divison one leagues hence even armature teams can find themselves in the PSL overnight hence short changing development of quality players. A good example is how every team that is promoted to PSL scrambles for the deadwood players that have been recycled by teams over and over again.
      Year in year out we are starved for new and young players to come through the ranks but dololo. Will we ever discover a new Peter Ndlovu, Mashinkila Khumalo, Benjamin Nkonjera, Gidiza, Signature the list is endless. Cry my beloved Zim football!

  • Bulawayo’s Finest

    Last year we scored less goals now you are busy Mutuma this Mutuma that,Asibuyi kuma games nxa lingamyekela uMutuma

  • Mvuzo

    Are we playing for charity? If not, let Mtuma play for Bosso. Look at our so called youth policy players bengalimala bathatha 6 months yo heal. Nawe umnkantsho bomvu umfoka Mtuma asimzaneni. Someone is hiding by the corner there spending club monies on useless practice trips. Francisco uthethwe emehlweni ethu. Woza Mtuma fanami ungehluleka ukuze imposer sizadinga omunye wena uzadobha amabhola ku practice. Life comes and goes, so are times.

  • Omo Gezani

    Normally its said you never buy success! The tradition at Bosso is that junior players have always been priority. The Bosso institution has always never stampeded for instant success,there has always been patience,thoughtfulness and care in running the club. Bosso was always the best run club in the country! We need players that will be loyal to the club. Why are we entertaining,player agents? Mutuma is on a leash of his agents,why is it a secret on the identity of the individual who is prepared to pay for his signing-on fees? Donations,genuine ones for that matter, must be channeled to the club and its up to the executive to decide whether they liquidate ballooning debts or as sign-on fees. Last year the development side played all games and lost none,where are these youngsters? I thought at least six or more would graduate into the senior side but we discarding them,preferring players like Mutuma. Highlanders is a community team and it survives mainly on gate takings. Where are crowds going to come from if they totally ignore supporters views. By the way why was Gift Mbweti not brought to the club? This boy’s first choice was Bosso! The gentleman seen torching his beloved Bosso regalia shows lots of passion for the team and I think there are many like him out there,please take note. Can Peter Dube’s issue be solved quickly please and lastly please make good on Akbay’s pay as promised!

  • zim 2

    fuck u skumbuzo moyo why are u giving this shona savage too much airtime

  • zim 2

    skumbuzo moyo u r a cio agent

  • zim 2

    u want highlanders to sign players of your choice