Girl, 13, pleads for jailed boyfriend

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Adelaide Moyo, Chronicle Reporter
A 13-YEAR-OLD girl from Binga, who had sex with her boyfriend who is twice her age, stunned a court when she begged a magistrate to let him off the hook so that they could get married.

The two first met on Christmas day, fell in love and had sex the following day.

Prince Mukombwe, 26, of Siachilaba, is facing two counts of having sex with a minor.

The girl told Binga magistrate Aeline Munamati that her parents wanted him jailed, but she wanted him freed.

“I love him… my parents got him arrested because they think I am still young. May the court please release him. We want to get married and start a new life,” said the juvenile.

The Form One pupil told the magistrate to set free Mukombwe because she loved him and they wanted to settle down.

Mukombwe pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to an effective 12 months in prison.

The magistrate lashed out at the girl and told her that she was too young to be thinking about marriage.

She advised her to pursue her studies before thinking about having her own home.

Prosecuting, Bruce Maphosa told the court that Mukombwe met the girl and proposed love sometime in December.

The two fell in love and had consensual sex at the accused’s place of residence on December 26.

“On December 25 Mukombwe met the girl at Siachilaba Business Centre and they fell in love. He invited the girl to spend the night at his residence.

During the night of December 26, the two engaged in consensual intercourse once. On January 1, the two again engaged in sexual intercourse with the girl’s consent,” the prosecutor said.

It is said that Mukombwe gave his sweetheart a $1 after the sexual encounter.

The court heard that the change in the girl’s behaviour prompted her parents to question her.

She revealed that she had sexual intercourse with Mukombwe leading to his arrest.

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