Injiva’s wife trapped with two lovers

Sukulwenkosi Dube, Plumtree Correspondent
TWO men who cheated with the same married woman clashed at their lover’s home recently when her South Africa-based husband was away, and for that both will appear at a community court for adultery.

Bulilima rural district councillor, Benjamin Nleya, 55, hid in a wardrobe on December 31 at around midnight when the married woman’s other lover, Towelani Khupe, came knocking.

The commotion that followed awakened her neighbours. Tshakalisa Khupe was in South Africa when his 20-year-old wife, Sehlule Ncube, was cheating with the two men.

Nleya and Towelani first appeared before a local headman following a complaint lodged by Khupe, the husband. The headman decided to refer the case to Chief Mpini after failing to resolve the matter.

Chief Mpini said he would deliberate on the matter on Wednesday next week after Headman Hikwa, who first handled it, referred it to him.

“I’ve summoned the people involved in this matter to my court which will be on Wednesday next week. The matter involves a councillor within my area and a community member,” he said.

Nleya, who was allegedly having an affair with Sehlule, visited her on December 31 shortly before midnight. While inside her room, Towelani, who was also in love with the same woman arrived and ordered Ncube to open the door.

Ncube refused to open and Towelani caused commotion at the homestead until Sehlule opened and he found the councillor hiding in the wardrobe.
Khupe, who travelled home from South Africa following the incident, yesterday said he had since surrendered his matrimonial bed and wardrobe to Nleya.

He said both men who were cheating with his wife will appear before the chief.

Khupe said Towelani had since apologised, but he expected the councillor to pay for disrespecting him.

“I was in South Africa where I work when I received a telephone call from home that the councillor had been caught in my bedroom. It appears that my wife was having an affair with two different men at the same time, one of them being Nleya.

“The councillor had gone there to spend the night at my home when her other lover came and knocked on the door. My wife refused to open and this man started pounding on the door and this alerted our neighbour MaMoyo who rushed to inspect,” he said.

Khupe said when he returned home, he questioned his wife who then confessed cheating with Nleya. He said his wife also told him that she advised the councillor to hide in the wardrobe when her other lover arrived.

He said Sehlule had since returned to her parents and he had abandoned his homestead as he would not live there until the councillor paid for a cleansing ceremony.

“Sehlule is my wife and we’ve two children together. It’s a sign of disrespect that this old man would take advantage of my absence to turn my bedroom into his. I’ve surrendered the wardrobe and bed since they had become his.

“I’ll not be staying in that homestead until he pays for my homestead to be cleansed,” he said.

Councillor Nleya dismissed the allegations against him as a plot by villagers to tarnish his image. He said he would prove his innocence before the chief.

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