Junior cop ‘steals’ $200 000

Fidelis Chivavava

Fidelis Chivavava

Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Court Reporter
A JUNIOR police officer stationed at ZRP Ntabazinduna Training Depot’s finance department allegedly defrauded his employer of more than $200 000 in projects funds.

Fidelis Chivavava (28) of Pumula South yesterday appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya facing seven counts of fraud involving        $206 048, 47.

The magistrate remanded him out of custody to February 28 on $200 bail.

He ordered Chivavava to report twice a week at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Commercial Crimes Division offices in Bulawayo and to reside at his given address until the matter is finalised.

The magistrate also ordered Chivavava, who is already on suspension, not to interfere with investigations as part of the bail conditions.

The court heard that between January 1 and December 31, 2015, Chivavava was the acting finance clerk at ZRP Ntabazinduna Depot and responsible for withdrawing, holding in trust the withdrawn funds, conducting payments for suppliers and reconciling the money.

During the period between September 21 and December 31, 2016, Chivavava allegedly connived with Shonhiwa Mushonga, one Oswald, Tafadzwa Sibanda, Kelvin Moyo and Sibonginkosi Dube and transferred $14 785 belonging to ZRP Ntabazinduna Training Depot’s Mess account into their individual accounts.

During the same year, the accused person stole $19 652 from his employer’s coffers and purportedly indicated in the financial books that he paid $2 700 to Oscaria Bakery, $10 052.02 to Fortwell Wholesalers, $800 to Moyo and $5 102 to Dube. He converted the money to his personal use and in the process prejudiced ZRP of $19 652.02.

He later on double paid one Mrs E Mpofu $2 218 for goods received using the same invoice and prejudiced his employer of $1 109.

Between 18 and 19 January this year an internal audit was carried out at ZRP Ntabazinduna Training Depot and it was discovered that a total of $206 048,47 was missing.

When Chivavava was engaged over the issued he failed to account for the money. A report was made to police at Mbembesi on February 10 leading to his arrest.

The State had opposed bail through Mr Taurai Hondoyemoto, arguing that Chivavava was likely to abscond due to the gravity of the offence.

He also argued that there was no guarantee that if given bail, the accused would not interfere with ongoing investigations.

However, the magistrate ruled that the State failed to give compelling reasons warranting denial of bail.

“The reasons for opposing bail, which were proffered by the State, are not satisfactory.

“There is no way that accused would interfere with investigations since he is on suspension and in any case you don’t arrest a person before conducting investigations.

“The investigating officer is just speculating and I do not understand the State’s fears that accused would abscond, particularly taking into account that he turned himself in to the police when he heard that they were looking for him,” said Mr Tashaya.


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  • Nqobile Mthekuzah

    what is this shona doing at ntabazinduna at the first place, these shonas are corrupt, looters just like their father roberto mgodhoyi.

    • Citizen

      Is Jonathan Moyo shona?

      • Nqobile Mthekuzah

        which money did Jonathan Moyo steal you men the ZIMDEF? that one he did not steal but diverted to another department in fact it was sort of a loan

        • Ghost of Sparta

          You are simple-minded, that why you comment hogwash.

        • sinti

          what wrong did didymus mutasa do

        • Me Likes

          kkkkkk. Me likes did not steal but diverted to another department! Either u are a simpleton or you are an idiot or u are MR Bean the humourous.

        • Quetion Mark?

          Sort of a Loan! Why not say the same of this thieving officer? It was sort of a loan!.

    • koka

      this is what chief Ndiweni was fighting against. These people are deployed all over the country at the expense of other tribes. worse of all they are the biggest thieves ever second only to nigerians.

      • Misheck

        as said be warned.

        • koka

          of what exactly? typical zanu mentality. I am not scared.

          • mtshayazabhotshe

            neither am i!

          • Misheck

            i have you on my tracker.

        • Cetshwayo

          Wena doti yeZanu u going around warning people who do u think you are. Nxaa ungazosjwayela la. Chief Ndiweni was right. Go tell your father Mgabe ukuthi sifuna yena not wena

          • Misheck

            i have you on my tracker

        • vusumuzi

          why are you warning people in an independent , democratic country, where we never voted for Dictatorship? Voetsek!!! We never fought to be ripped off by thieves. Smith did threaten us, incl Mgabe but we topled him. So will we topple the current thieves. The people will always win at the end.

        • mtshayazabhotshe

          masendakho ‘Mishfutseki’ you all talk and no action

    • Anticath

      hazvishande izvo

    • gamatox

      what are the moyos doing in hre

      • mtshayazabhotshe

        chuck them out kwaBulawayo is still their place any were you give us Moyo we exchange him with 50 thousand of your one from the city of kings!

    • sky

      Is Obert Mpofu , and Mpoko Shona ?

      • mtshayazabhotshe

        they are all idiots we do not recognize those assholes no more as part of us

  • Nqobile Mthekuzah

    I can tell this Chivavava/ Chivayo character was just a front man, he has got back up from some of the big guys there and that’s why he was granted bail and one thing for sure he will never test jail and he is going to get his job back and even get a promotion.

    • bh

      of course, how could he do those transfers to other peoples account … he probably wasnt a signatory…. who signed? based on what?

  • Kezi-Line via Matopo

    Another shona. Typical of these Gukurahundi fools. Each day one reads about them looting. Learnt well from Mugabe . Its in their blood to steal, destroy and plunder.

    • MuRozvi

      Of course don’t you be a fool idiot!. Why else would they be called VaRozvi if they do not steal, plunder and loot? You should be thankful they are at least living up to their name.

    • Misheck

      As said be warned.

    • mtshayazabhotshe

      if my memory still serves me correct during my high school years where we were (forced to learn shona history)*****reason still not clear because shona history must be to their benefit not mine***any were ,during those day i learnt that the word ROZVI meaning amaLozwi (ngoluka Mzilikazi ) meant the ‘destroyers’! ngisafunda i always thought ‘destroyers’ meant they knew how to fight!!!! kanti ayi it means ‘to destroy senselessly ukuthi yizinja nje zithola kwakhiwe zibhidlize! nxxxxxxxxxx sobohla manyosi.

  • nyoni

    he might abscond thats a lot of money involved, are there any honest people around

  • General San Abacha

    This Police Officer is not corrupt at all, he just took advantage of a weak system within the ZRP itself, his Shefus must also sink with him, even the reporter was ashamed to point out his rank in this article because he knows that there are also Very Senior Officers involved in this case, this guy is a mere Constable . People should just execute their duties within the confines of the Legal Framework , not the element of thinking outside the box. THEY MUST SINK TOGETHER

    • qili

      he defrauded the organisation, why should you start pointing fingers when the records are pointing to fraud

      • General San Abacha

        Im not pointing fingers Qili, im trying to say he was not alone in doing this , you might be surprised to hear that even his superiors approved all the transactions mentioned in this article. Now im advocating for the net to be cast wider to catch the big fish. we dont want a situation whereby only juniors are fired or sent to jail while the Shefus are left behind just like what happened in 2015 in the Ministry Of Health and the Prison Service

    • tafadzwa jakachira

      I support u.haana mhosva uyu

  • xhiba

    abantu laba imali baya yithatha uzwe umuntu ezifanisa le ‘snipper’, uzwe ethi ngiyakuthathela imali ukhangele, kazilandaba ukuthi ungumuntu ezimaziyo ziyakuthathela kunjalo. Imali kazidlali ngayo. Mina ngilomgane olokhe ekhala kuze kube lalamuhla owathathelwa imali ngumuntu abasebenza bonke wamgenisa phakathi kwezikwelede ezesabekayo yena ecabanga ukuthi yibungane kanti okungumuntu kuyamgangela

  • Mbilazibomvu

    Someone who stole over $200 000, given bail of $200, okunye ngokunye.

  • zulu

    this shona guy is better he steal to be rich not to kill to be rich like the so called Jindu
    the moyos we have in hre they steal through diverting funds kkkkk
    better he does not take peoples lives…by instant killing but through starvation.

  • Mbla

    Case postponed indefinitely until the youngman’s lawyers put their papers in order. They did not staple their papers as prescribed by the procedures in the courts hence case postponed indefinitely. Typical of Zimbabwe Justice system

    • General San Abacha


      • tafadzwa jakaachira

        Im shuwa pane ma superiors who are using his name to avoid prosecution

    • bh

      kkkk… pageanation saga!

  • nsingo

    The Police erred if he was acting from January 01 up to December 31 2015 and no one checking his work, he would obviously fall into temptation of embezzling funds, they had to be someone checking at least by end of day how the money was used. Was there any authorization from superiors or he was just the one handling all transactions alone and enjoying himself

  • mayebabo

    may be he has invested this money somewhere

  • mbiza

    in some organisations they will avoid putting someone from a different tribe so that their deals are safe

  • Lobengula

    AmaLozvi agebha intaba ngesibunu (Great Zimbabwe), Oops imsathabo Nina.
    Vele laba bantu umbuso abawazi kemele sibancindezele futhu ukuze ilizwe leli elika Matshobane lilunge futhi.

    • mtshayazabhotshe

      ungaphinde utsho futhi kaMashobane!….phecelezi ngolwasemzini ‘you can say that again and again! avuke uMzilikazi !ngifunga ngenkosi uMzilikazi kungcono ukufa kulokuphathwa ubeyisosanyama samaSwina!lafa elihle kababa!

  • zim 2

    all shona police officers r thiviz

  • cimbi

    youngsters have problems in wanting to get rich fast

  • Sikhulu

    Stealing to buy Dembare kit shuwa when the likes of Chiuri, Mnangagwa, Saviour and Grace are building mansions. Crime does not pay my fellow countrymen. You should have followed money maker prophets who have an anointing of making money make sense than to rob and equally bankrupt government. Now you will die of hunger and disease in prison.

  • The Real Soldier

    Ethathwa emgwagweni isincane, sebeyifuna ibuthelelwe.