Lupane & back everyday. . . LSU resorts to shuttling students after court order


Pamela Shumba, Senior Reporter
LUPANE State University (LSU) is now transporting students from Lupane to Bulawayo and back daily following the court ruling ordering the institution’s management to reverse a decision to relocate students and lecturers in the Department of Development Studies.

The university complied with the ruling after lecturers approached the Bulawayo High Court challenging the institution’s decision ordering them to relocate to the university’s campus in Lupane without providing adequate accommodation.

However, when the High Court ruling was made, the institution had already moved its students to Lupane, a development that has forced the university to hire a private bus to transport the students to Bulawayo for lectures  and back daily.

Some of the affected students told Chronicle that they were not comfortable with the arrangement, which they said was risky and tiring.

“It takes more than two hours to travel from Lupane to Bulawayo and it’s not healthy to travel on a daily basis for lectures. It poses a risk to our lives and by the time we arrive in Bulawayo we would be exhausted.

“We have to wake up as early as 4AM to be ready for the journey so that we’re in Bulawayo by 8AM. This is not fair. The university must come up with a better arrangement,” said one of the students.

A parent, Mr Levison Sibanda whose child is one of the affected students said it was uneconomic for the university to come up with such an arrangement.

“This is an expensive arrangement given the amount spent on hiring the bus,” said Mr Sibanda.

LSU’s director of marketing and communication Mr Zwelithini Dlamini yesterday acknowledged that it was an expensive arrangement but they had no choice under the circumstances.

He said it was the university’s hope that by July they would have completed the relocation exercise.

“It’s not economic but we have no choice under the circumstances. We have to comply with the High Court ruling and at the same time we have to make sure that students attend their lectures.

“We’re hoping that by July we would have attended to the concerns raised by the lecturers and students,” said Mr Dlamini.

He said the university was engaging students who have accommodation in Bulawayo to move to the city so that only those without accommodation in the city remain.


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  • musa


    • Ex Bosso

      He’s divorced with kids!!

  • Matunge Prisca

    Students who stay in Byo should go back home then those from out of Byo they can be accommodated in town. Div students go everyday we’s they are given $5 lunch for free its uneconomic for sure.

  • Nyosi

    Open Letter to the Minister of Higher Education.
    Please Minister may you investigate how much of the public funds are being wasted on hiring a bus and feeding students who are ordinarily resident in Bulawayo. Surely this is a waste of resources by this University. In this new dispensation heads should roll. If no action is taken until this July date, this University would have shut down.

  • Mlambapheli

    All students who ordinarirly reside/ have accomodation should be investigated. Why do I say so, ideally all students enrolled at LSU as her its mandate should be from Matebeland North. Therefore no student at LSU should reside in Byo. LSU is the only university in Mat North and is suppose to cater for students coming from Vic Falls, Hwange, Binga, Tsholotsho, Nkayi etc.
    It is well know that most students at LSU are from outside the province and corruptly get the places ahead of the locals. So behind the scences management will plead with the students to commute to and fro on a daily basis so as not to expose them. And besides you will discover that the management has a cut in the hired buses so they wont be in a rush to solve the issue.

    • Martin Makanza

      Are you suggesting students from Victoria Falls should commute between LSU and Victoria Falls. Universities are a business and as such must either breakeven or run at a profit. Universities rely on enrollment numbers to operate sensibly. Enrolment of students requires that they meet selection criteria and Mat. North alone might not provide the required numbers. Universities in general thrive on their make up being cosmopolitan so to restrict a university to nly enrolling students from a particular district or employ only lecturers from a particulat part of the country is insane. Besides, populations by their nature are fluid and mobile. A student might enrol at LSU while living in Mat North and circumstances might require that they relocate elsewhere outside of Mat North. Is it contitutional to deny enrollment to students from outside a political province? Madness in this country doesn’t cease to amaze me. Once upon a time there was only one university in the country and we all went there from everywhere without all this buffoonery.

    • Sandra Sibanda

      You must have dated people that think shouting louder means they are winning an argument.