Minister vows to deal with corruption at roadblocks

Dr Obert Mpofu

Dr Obert Mpofu

Felex Share, Harare Bureau
Newly-appointed Home Affairs and Culture Minister Dr Obert Mpofu yesterday made a commitment to deal with police roadblocks and corruption which have strained relations between the public and law enforcement agents.

Speaking soon after being sworn in yesterday, Dr Mpofu said he had received a lot of complaints about the conduct of the police.

“That is the first assignment I want to deal with,” he said.

“I have received a lot of complaints about the behaviour of some of our officers and I am going to address that. This is a people’s police force and it has to abide by the expectations of the people, at the same time maintaining law and order,” said Dr Mpofu.

“We don’t want to compromise our mandate, but we have to do it in a manner that will not destabilise or create discomfort for our people. I am going to address the issue of roadblocks, corruption and all issues people and even some officers have been complaining about.”

Motorists have in the past slammed the police for mounting a chain of roadblocks that inconvenience the motoring public. They have compounded this by demanding spot fines from motorists for minor vehicle faults even courts ruled recently that this was unlawful.

Other officers are accused of detaining motorists needlessly, a situation observers said dented the country’s image as a favourite tourist destination.

Dr Mpofu said the police officers’ conditions of service also called for immediate attention.

“Their conditions of service also need to be looked into and we will be appealing to the Minister of Finance to fund the activities of the police because some of the challenges we are facing are due to lack of funding,” he said.

He said President Mnangagwa wanted a paradigm shift in the way Government officials operated and maximum effort was needed.

“We are ready for that,” Dr Mpofu said.

“We will actually go an extra mile to fulfil the people’s aspirations. There is lot of anxiety in the people to see a change in the ways we manage both economic and social issues. The President has made his position clear; ours is to implement the people’s aspirations. We are ready to take up the challenge as guided by the President.”

Police presence on the roads has been reduced since the beginning of Operation Restore Legacy by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces ZDF two weeks ago.

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  • Vumani

    A renowned kleptomaniac has been tasked to tackle police corruption a classic case of political patronage , its reminiscent of a kettle calling the pot. The fat one has a littered history of dipping his fingers in the till as minister of mines he amassed wealth, like some of colleagues his wealth is not consistent with a ministerial salary if anything he should be sharing a cell with Chombo. ED lost an opportunity to tackle graft and the reform ZRP, the scourge of corruption in the police force permeates from the low ranking constables to the top brass. Road blocks and police corruption have stifled tourism and made the lives of people a misery. The scepticism of the ordinary citizen is well founded, like Lazarus Dokora the fat one should have been reassigned to advisory role of bootlicking, the office of minister of home affairs requires a meritious and competent individual who his beyond reproach. ED has prioritised patronage above rationality and disregarded the citizens desire for reform. The lack of sound reformations in strategic ministeries is a deterrent to foreign direct investment. Butternut once described the fat one as an elephant with the brains the size of peas, it remains to be seen whether he will disprove his critiques wrong Aluta Continua !!!

    • agreed

      Hahaha i like that, i agree with you 100%. This Obert guy is something else and lucky hes not locked away.

    • Bongani Dlamini

      very true. the heap in the person of Obert Mpofu is corrupt to the bone. He will not be interested to tackle corruption, he in fact can not tackle corruption without stepping on his toes. In progressive societies this pile would have been in jail

    • Sukuzukuduma

      you correctly put that, a person with an irresistible impulse to steal. i shall say no more

      • mtshayazabhotshe

        kkkkkkkk irresistible impulse to steal! i like the use of words

    • Welcome to Banana Republic

      Lol baba LOL very correct wonder what Obert will be calling himself or probably using the term “Obedient Son”!

  • QB

    Aish another corrupt leader! His trucks will move freely with faults etc country wide mnxxxx

    • silver

      Obert Mpofu failed to perform in the previous regime of mugabe …….will he be able this time around?……the first pot of call is for the president to fire chuhuri for allowing and promoting the rot at roadblocks ….daily collection target,… $4000, $3500… etc etc….eish……

  • Reason

    We would have forgiven ED if he had retained the ministry of Psychomotor or such other nonsense and given it to Obert to thank him for whatever he did for him. now our festive season is going to be a nightmare. Corrupt ZRP plus a Corrupt Minister and our President hopes for a corrupt free society.Since he is the leader we hope he knows something that we don’t and we would be glad if this appointee of his proves us wrong.We were having a blissful period on the roads during the coup period with our soldiers and I hope we will not miss the coup and it’s calm.We never missed the ZRP in fact we would have celebrated if ED abolished it and incorporated it into the army. OR the President could have appointed a general to this ministry instead of Foreign Affairs.

  • Huuh

    this guy has a doctorate!!!!!!

    • Afrikan

      Yep, purchased from the corner shop!

  • Only me

    Aphu aphu!

  • Doddy

    Please do sir! I’m commenting as an outsider. Each time some of us think of visiting Zimbabwe and think of the police roadblocks, one has to think twice. I remember in 2013 when we went to a conference in Malawi by road and we decided to take the longer route through Zambia than Zimbabwe, which should have been shorter, all for the fear of your police roadblocks. And for the 1500km stretch in Zambia, we came across only 3 roadblocks which didn’t even give us any problem. Wishing you the best and God bless you as you unite to take your nation to its former glory.

  • s

    You are the corrupt one Obert. This is like putting a thief to watch over the thieves. I actually expect that under your tenure the corruption will only increase. Especially when the army leaves the roadblocks.

  • Demotivated

    Dear Minister
    CC Commander in Chief
    CC All patriotic ZRP Commanders

    I sincerely hope you see this comment sir. I also hope our Commander in Chief, his excellence the President ED Mnangagwa also gets this message.The following issues if addressed will greatly reduce corruption in the ZRP.

    1) Kuyedza,Sports, Recreation, Funfair, Mess, Stationery, Inspection (Inspecting officer food), Police Driving school, Depot recruit fund contributions, Camp Accommodation rent in Byo etc

    Police officers have suffered. Time and again their salaries were taken to fund above mentioned activities. Despite the fact that they have families to look after. Please sir ban these corrupt practices. No part of a member salary must be taken by police

    2) BVR, Elections, PPS, Travelling and Subsistence allowances

    Every time they do these duties, more than half of their allowances are taken by the command. U go for elections, ZEC pays everyone (polling officers, presiding officer and police same allowance per day. But police command tells zec to give them all allowances for police then they subtract more than half.

    3) Retirement package

    In the military anyone who retires is given package of next rank and is promoted to retire with next rank but in zrp only Superintendent (equivalent to Major) and above have that privilege.

    4) Uniform

    Our uniforms are so tattered and torn. Please help

    5) Transport

    No vehicles to attend scenes, no vehicles to take accused to court, no patrol vehicles, no vehicles to ferry mail to HQs. This causes members to solicit free transport from public and render them ineffective when same driver commit a crime. Take away all vehicles that have been given to senior officers and let them be used for operational duties.

    6) Messes and Canteen

    To avoid over familiarization with subordinates , at every mess and canteen, there must be a separate facility for Constable and below, Sergeant to Provincial Sergeant Major, Assistant Inspector to Chief Inspector and lastly Superintendent and Above. In rural areas were facilities are limited, Have a wing for Provincial Sergeant Major and below and another for Assistant Inspector and above. When ever someone enters o leaves canteen they must pay compliments to any senior rank present.

    7) Discipline

    Strict adherence to expected conduct is necessary. No over familiarization with subordinates. All junior ranks must brace Senior Patrol Officer to Provincial Sergeant Majors. Salute Assistant Inspectors and above.

    8) Training

    Upon promotion train every member on his new responsibilities.

    9) Back to basics

    Government must never use police to raise revenue again. All police officers to use written down procedures without fear or favor no one is above the law. May the courts also work positively with us and avoid corruption.

    10) Ranks structure and Promotion

    Please its been long since any promotion exercise was done. But before its done amend rank structure.

    The rank structure is so demotivating. In ZNA there are 7 non-commissioned ranks, Airforce has 9, ZRP only 3 real NCO ranks that is Constable, Sergeant and Sergeant Major. Assistant Inspector is a confused rank. Whilst its said to be non commissioned, their equivalent rank is 2nd Lieutenant a commissioned army rank and their duties are same with inspectors hence they are not being given honor they deserve. I suggest that you as the new broom you introduce the following ranks from lowest to highest non commissioned rank to boost morale of your servants. This will make everyone officer responsible and do away with corruption since chances of conniving with junior rank will be none existent

    Patrol Officer (equivalent to private/aircraftman and rank insignia handcuffs)

    Senior Patrol Officer (equivalent to lance coprol/senior aircraftman and rank insignia hand cuffs and one one chevron. promotion after three years in service to this rank )

    Constable (equivalent to Coprol and rank insignia with two chevrons. promoted after 5 years in service to this rank)

    Sergeant (equivalent to sergeant as the case at present and to be highest rank in charge of road bloaks and IC shifts at stations. promotion after exams by all constables with 6 years service)

    Staff Sergeant (Equivalent to army staff sergeant and deputies to station IC Cime, Ops and Amin. Promotion after exam by sergeants )

    Sergeant Major (equivalent to Warrant Officer 2 and responsible for station discipline and welfare of members prevention of corruption by NCOs at station. Promotion by appointment of sgt/staff sgts of at least 7 years years service)

    Technical Police Officer (equivalent to Master Technician. This rank will be given to all Nurses, Teachers, Plumbers, Mechanics, Auto Electricians , Programmers, Lawyers etc to avoid dilution of Assistant Inspector rank. Promotion upon attaining qualifications of trade/proffession)

    Provincial Sergeant Major (equivalent to Warrant Officer 1 and responsible for destroying corruption among NCOs, coordinating independence drills, reporting problems of NCOs to Assistant Inspectors and above, provincial discipline and welfare issues. Promotion by appointment of 20 most senior Sergeant Majors)

    This structure will change the conduct of police officers due to new found responsibility. As i write a police officers who joined zrp 18 years ago has same authority with someone who joined yesterday as long they are all constables. So demotivating.

    With the blessing of our Commander in Chief, his excellence the President ED Mnangagwa whom we the lower ranks support very much, make Assistant Inspector a commissioned rank were they belong. We need only 2 Deputy Commissioner Generals (Crime and Ops the other HR and Admin), Four Commissioners (Ops, Hr, Admin and Crime)

    No need for Senior Assistant Commissioners (equivalent to Brigadier) for Anti-Stock Theft, Printers, Quartermaster, Transport, VFU, P and D etc . Chief Supt (equivalent to Lt Colonel) and Assistant Commissioners (Colonel) can do the job very well. No need for top heavy organisation. It makes resources concentrated at the top at the expense of operational costs.

    11) Treatment by government officials

    The abuse by some VIPs ( particularly ministers) whose houses we guard is terrible. They curse and swear at you in front of their relatives and make you stay in wooden guard rooms. If they dont need police protection they must just say so. At least they must value your presents.

    12) Working hours, Deployment and Rations
    Some police officers go 24 hours on duty . Its inhuman. At least deploy people in pairs for any duty for safety and avoiding stress. Arm police with side arms since population tend to be violent for no reason at times. If there is no necessary rations for a coarse dont bring people to train or work whilst hungry.

    13) Management style
    The ZRP command should take time to consider concerns of junior ranks. They must prioritize their welfare. They must tap on the great ideas and talents they have. Dont be too autocratic and non responsive to problems

    14) Camp residents
    Avoid corrupt Provost personnel. Allocate accommodation according to the four rank grades as stated above. Erect durawall/fences to improve camp security. Introduce passes for all residents. Introduce stop and searches.

    15) Police act
    Amend it to align it with current situation.

    i may go on and on sir but if you attend to these issues i promise you , ZRP will be great again. We have seen promotions in ZPCS and Aiforce . Probably ZNA too . We feel like an unwanted, despised and useless child among the four. I and many others have never been involved in corruption and i can challenge all Zimbabweans to confront me if i have ever taken their money. I promise you no one will. Normally we are not allowed to talk to the press but am too junior hence have no way to come to your office or that of the Commander in Chief thus i hope you see this comment. If not, may those close to you bring your attention to our plight.

    To the Zimbabweans, i say there still remain honest police officers only that we did not have power over corrupt system. Many of us lost their job trying to correct the evil please give us a chance.

    Lastly to our Commander in Chief we pledge total allegiance and promise to do our part in the restoration of our country to greatness. We just supplicate that you assist us on the above mentioned issues your Excellence, Sir.

    Thank you in advance

  • Elder K

    when the Lion is sent to protect the sheep….

  • Dumakude

    Obert Mpofu cannot tackle corruption without stepping on his toes, he is a renowned thief with an irresistible impulse to steal kkkkkkkk heyi madoda isela elikhulu umfoka Mpofu