MSU students develop software application

Lovemore Zigara Midlands Correspondent
TWO Midlands State University students have developed a software application (app) called “Events City”, which makes it easy for one to find events and services in a particular city.The app was launched last weekend at a local hotel during a function that was attended by local businesspeople who pledged to support the youngsters’ initiative.

The duo — Lionel Siduna and Diamond Chirisa, are third year students doing Computer Science and Mathematics respectively.

They have since formed a software company called “CDiamond”, which specialises in software and application development.
Siduna said the app has been rolled out in Gweru and plans were underway to expand it to cover the rest of the country.

“The app is basically a directory of Gweru, which makes it easier to find events and services in the city. We’ve discovered that most people now have smart phones. For instance, if someone needs tyre services the app has sites and addresses of all companies offering such services,” he said.

“This will also cut costs on company advertisement budgets since they now need to come to us and we simply upload their services. As soon as anything new is uploaded on the app it then send notifications to all the users of the software.”

The new app is now accessible to smart-phone users who use the Android operating system to download on the Google store.

Plans are underway to develop the app to be compatible to other smart-phones varieties.

Siduna said the app would be rolled out across cities in the country  before it can be used by the rest of the world.

“For now the software is only being used in Gweru and very soon we’ll incorporate events and services for other cities such as Harare, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls and Mutare.

“After that we’ll include other towns before taking it out to Africa and the rest of the world. We’re also constantly updating and developing the app so that it becomes user friendly,” he added.

CDiamond co-director, Chirisa said another educational app was in the pipeline where teachers would upload their material on the phone, which would be shared by students.


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