MUGABES ADMIT LOOTING. . . Millions squirrelled away to Hong Kong & SA

Mr and Mrs Mugabe

Mr and Mrs Mugabe

Farirai Machivenyika, Harare Bureau
FORMER President Mr Robert Mugabe and his family have admitted to externalising funds after buying two properties in South Africa and Hong Kong during his reign.

The admission, which was made by the former First Lady Grace in an interview the Mugabes had with selected journalists at their blue roof mansion in Harare last week, has exposed the hypocrisy of  Mr Mugabe who in 2004 arrested former finance minister, Chris Kuruneri, accusing him of externalising money to buy a mansion in Cape Town.

According to a story in South Africa’s Sunday Times, the Mugabes declared to authorities that they had bought two properties in South Africa and Hong Kong.

“In South Africa I bought a dilapidated house, I wanted to bring it down, demolish some parts and to renovate the house,” Mrs Mugabe said.

The former First Lady also admitted to renting a house in Dubai for Robert Mugabe Junior when he was studying there and reportedly paid $500 000 per annum in rentals.

According to media reports, the Hong Kong property was bought for HK$40 million in 2009 just before the former President’s daughter Bona Chikore was about to begin studies at the University of Hong Kong.

The value of the South African property could not be ascertained although the former First Family has in the past been reported to own a R44 million property in Johannesburg.

The declaration of the assets by the Mugabe family follows President Mnangagwa’s three month moratorium on those that had externalised funds to return them.

Former Finance Minister, Dr Chris Kuruneri, was arrested in April 2004 on seven counts of breaching the country’s exchange control laws.

He was accused of transferring U$500 000, £37 000, €30 000 and R1.2m to South Africa to buy and renovate an eight-bedroom mansion.

The High Court cleared him after spending more than a year in remand prison.

He also spent time under house arrest.

Dr Kuruneri was arrested at the height of the Government’s anti-graft crusade in 2004, becoming the most senior official to face charges of corruption.

The ex-minister had always denied charges of funnelling foreign currency to South Africa to buy a mansion in an upscale Cape Town suburb and a luxury car.

President Mnangagwa’s moratorium on looters expired last Friday and a list of those that had not heeded his calls was published on Monday.

Out of the $1,3 billion that is estimated to have been externalised only $300 million has been returned.

Government noted 1 166 cases of externalisation.

Apart from those that have returned the money, others are still negotiating on modalities to get it back as it is tied up in properties and other investments.

Approximately $680 million is tied up in those circumstances.

President Mnangagwa has said individuals and entities that have not heeded his call for the money to be returned will face prosecution as required by law.

His administration has declared war on corruption in a bid to turn around the economy.

Under Mr Mugabe’s administration, the country witnessed rampant and unabated corruption which suffocated the economy.

Mr Mugabe would publicly threaten to deal with corruption but never took action even though it is believed he knew the culprits.

Unlike Mr Mugabe, President Mnangagwa has vowed to arrest anyone engaging in corruption and a number of former ministers have appeared in court charged with graft.

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  • Tinowaziwa

    So someone forgot to add their names to the list of externalizers?

    • Jobert Ngwenya

      Exactly. The list is thus very bogus.

      • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

        I know you’re trying to be funny but the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • Kabius Kekedu

      The list is for those that did not come forward. Stupid.

    • Tina siyazi

      There is nothing that they will do because for the Mugabes this is strategy. If the new dispensation tries anything then they will also be exposed. Do you really think that these guys do not have houses outside the country? Do you really think that they never rented houses for their kids studying abroad using public funds? You name is wrong because you know nothing.

    • Martin Chipimo

      A list of individual names will be more interesting to see and analyse rather than corporates.


      No. They were deliberately removed by ED. And that is the man everyone is screaming for to be the next President. Shame!

      • Essexvale

        For your answer, do research on who is the largest buyer of gold from small scale miners – who by the way, make up the bulk of the nation’s gold extractors. You’ll also have to remember that much of this gold is then sold outside our borders (read externalised). The amount involved is spectacular and is second only to that gained from diamond “exports”!!!

        • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

          I always wondered why people went leisure fishing.

        • Magwegwe Tribal Headmaster

          I think that says more about you than the others.

  • moyoza

    How things change, where is the comrade tittle?
    And where is Dr tittle for the first lady

  • bh


  • Mahambangendlwane

    Lol sokuphuma now jus because the old man spoke against ed

    • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

      I was sad when one of my daughters in her early 20s and her long term boyfriend broke up because he was a very nice guy but I could see that things were becoming difficult and in no way tried to persuade them to stay together. It was none of my business. I did feel for them both though.

  • God of War

    This is now a vendetta against Mugabe but then again he deserves it because he is now getting a taste of his own medicine.

    • Doctor Do little

      I don’t know about that because if the report is to be believed, the way she boasted this might be a matter of “he who hath not sinned cast the first stone.”

      • Garikai Zvese Muzarabani

        She knows non of the properties will be taken,

        • Doctor Do little

          Okungapeliyo kuya Xhola. Wise words. It might take days weeks months or even years but it will get finished. When a divorce happens a lot of dirty linen is exposed.

      • Mixed Race

        Maybe a systematic pressurization on this family will gradually torture them because they were used to overstated praises showering them from all angles including the dead.He is ruling from his shadow as the former first lady used to boast about.Without further externalization of more funds ,this family will be unable to sustain these properties.They are finished,this is why she wants to appear still strong,when reality detects that their lifestyles are now doomed forever.Watch them decline and those boys becoming real social outcasts.

        • Doctor Do little

          It will happen but the idea might be “, I may be beaten, but I won’t go down that easily. I’ll take you and both worlds with me. ” Stranger things have happened in Politics. The Problem with Zimbabwean Politicians and that is including the opposition they have too much baggage that is so difficult to dispose of.

    • Garikai Zvese Muzarabani

      Let’s not get excited as yet, chances are high this is just a publicity stunt, the old man will retain his properties.

      • God of War

        Hopefully they will take them as soon as he dies.

  • Lux

    It’s just the tip of the iceberg. …it’s not millions, but BILLIONS was externalized buy him and his crooked wife.

  • jake

    Wow….The Chronicle & The Herald are no nonsense publications. Now reporting that Mr & Mrs Dr Amai Mugabe are ‘looters’. You stood by their every word all these years, but carry chaps, on your hypocrisy is amusing to follow.

  • Ziyabheda

    Tell us more truths on this former Mafia boss,Mr.Editor

  • N. Sithole

    Is that news? The issue of these properties has always been in the public domain, courtesy of the private media. As the private media was busy exposing the ‘scandal’ around these properties, the Chronicle and the Herald buried their heads in sand. All they could do was to sing praises for the ‘revolutionary icon’ every day. What a shame. The only journalist from the public media that I have some bit of respect for is Geoffrey Nyarota who exposed the Willowvale scandal through his investigative journalism. However, he is no saint either. He buried his head in sand during the Gukurahundi ‘moment of madness’.

    • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

      Family members can be really selfish like that, as can friends for that matter. If the status quo works well for them.Their convenience is more important than your happiness.

    • Galveston

      So don’t give him any respect at all. He was a collaborator in the genocide, since at that time he was editor of the Chronicle. Will we ever forget the banner headline of the time that read; “Hit them hard!” He was referring to the so called dissidents who in actual fact turned out to be unarmed innocents!

  • S B DUBE

    what about the hotels in Rio de Janeiro ……….and Obert Mpofu ??????? Come on Chronicle.

  • Major Musango

    I would take this whole issue serious when Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Chinamasa, Mpofu and the rest of ZANU PF guys are all quizzed and arrested.

  • Dk. Mtkt

    Mr and Mrs Mugabe kkkkkkk. Remember all the titles: commander in chief hhe what what, his excellence, revolutionary icon, father of bona and chatunga, the first and the last, the one and only cremora, single handedly defeated the whiteman, the giver of all land, the father of his age mates kkkkkkkkk. All finito, du phelile. Impilo liviri madoda.

    • N. Sithole

      I hope this could be a lesson to everyone. Unfortunately the only lesson that we learn from history is that people never learn from history. Impilo liviri sibili. Kusasa kuyizolo.

      • Mthulisi Ncube

        Chances are high they will retain their properties, wena lokhu khonkotha ungela lutho. Ngisho lokuyisancele okubizwa wena awulakho. Uyazi umuntu omnyama so, sis man

        • N. Sithole

          You have a serious problem wena Mthulisi. I suspect unguMakhosixamu aka Jotham. You have a pea size of a brain. This is a forum for people who can debate issues. Ngiyasithini isancele? Lokh’usakhuluma ngesancele ngalezinsuku?

          • Mthulisi Ncube

            Ngizam’ ukuthi awula lutho. Surely if your brain can’t comprehend that, what more else can you understand. You’re too shallow minded, dwell much on reading books and attain depth not to spend the day on forums wena mfana. You really need help awuzenzi.

          • N. Sithole

            Awungazi, lami angikwazi. How does my earlier post relate to your argument. Angisweli lutho ndoda. I am doing well in my businesses. I have a job that pays me well. Wena ophunguba yibootlicker. My argument was that people never learn from history and this is a truism. Same with ukuthi impilo iliviri, also a truism. You should understand the context of a debate before you expose your shallowness.

      • Doctor Do little

        Never a truer word. Hence the phrase “History repeating itself.”

  • MakhosiXamu

    The Chronicle should be a personal property of ED and Chiwenga. This story is so baseless , this newspaper never interviewed RG but relies on hearsays . What a shame. RG is being persecuted for supporting NPF. Ngamanga la shame.

    • Doctor Do little

      Its funny that you should say that. He is only doing what his teacher taught him. A few months back it was like somebody else’s Property. Unless you have the brain of a Tshongololo that never knows where it is from and where it will go.


        Exactly what makes a normal human being and supposedly self respecting to worship another human being who goes to the toilet like him to this extent? I have never found myself in that situation; that is why I ask. There are people like this guy who can kill anyone for Mugabe; others will die for Mnangagwa – yet these politicians dont even know them nor care about them. And most of these people are poor and struggling but will have their wives dance for these men without blinking an eye with embarrassment. What makes black people to be like this?

        • Doctor Do little

          To be honest it beats me too. Here you have a man that watched the man he worships doing the same thing that the new man is doing and then his hero worship induces amnesia. Amazing. That is the reason why the only rallies I went to were when Nkomo came back into the country in 1980. I think most people get brainwashed at rallies.


    The so-called Marxist Lenninist. What a shame!!

  • John Moyo

    Mugabe is listed, one of the companies mining at Chiadzwa is owned by Mugabe. Khaya Moyo was mining at Chiadzwa. Mujuru is there they use company names so people would not know that it is ministers`companies

  • Essexvale

    Maybe in this insincere admission of guilt, RG and his garrulous wife missed the bit about the likely prosecution of offenders who are attempting keep their looting a secret? It’s known that the former “first family” have vast wealth abroad tied up in prime properties, cash and bonds to which the amount they admit having stolen is laughable in comparison! By the way, why is the rotund legislator for Umguza silent about the fantastic wealth he is alleged to have stashed in foreign lands? Does he seriously believe that citizens are so blur as to swallow the story about his wealth being the result of astute investments made through termination benefits received when parting ways with a large Bulawayo based company?

  • Tsikwela

    how much was Mugabe making per month during his reign???

  • Fred Moyo

    So the list if fake?

  • Zanu-Out by Binga-lines

    guilt as charged……..just sayin!!!