Mum holding child ‘throws self at train’


Kiyapili Sibanda, Chronicle Reporter
A WOMAN from Magwegwe North suburb in Bulawayo and her two-year-old son died after she allegedly threw herself in front of a train while holding the baby.

The reason why Leah Phiri (19), who is alleged to have been a single parent living with her mother, decided to kill herself and her son could not be established immediately.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident which happened at Luveve railway station on Sunday evening.

“We received a report of an alleged suicide concerning a 19-year-old woman and her two-year-old son. It happened in the evening at Luveve railway station. We heard that the deceased pretended that she wanted to board the train and when she saw the train coming, she grabbed her son and sat at the centre of the railway line,” she said.

“We are told that other passengers tried to convince her not to do so, but she refused and she and her baby were run over by the train.”

National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) spokesperson Mr Nyasha Maravanyika said NRZ security and officers from ZRP Luveve attended the scene.

“We received news of the incident involving the suicide of a woman and her baby. It is alleged that the woman rushed in front of an incoming train holding her son. The incident was attended by our security and ZRP Luveve. The train was leaving Bulawayo along the Dete-Hwange route,” he said.

Mr Maravanyika said the NRZ was saddened by the incident.

“As NRZ we are very saddened by the incident. We appeal to members of the public to respect trains. People should not resort to committing suicide using trains. Trains are meant to serve the community not to end people’s lives,” he said.

Magwegwe North residents were shocked about the incident and wondered why the woman decided to commit suicide and kill her child as well.

The woman’s relatives declined to comment on the matter last night saying they were yet to sit down as a family to discuss the tragedy.


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  • Nomsa Tshuma

    This is so sad. Angazi umakhelwani wami ubengenwe yini

    • musa

      you know her?

      • Nomsa Tshuma

        Yes we attend same congregation and my neighbour also

        • musa

          my condolences, hope you find the strength to deal with this tragedy

          • MaGolide

            Thanks hey

        • DONALD TRUMP Jnr

          do you have any idea about her husband l think thats the root cause of her suicidal

          • MaGolide

            Hey hey i know nothing

          • DONALD TRUMP Jnr

            ok ..may her soul rest in peace

          • makhosi

            What about the 2yr old son Trump??? He was a victim of a coward parent.

          • DONALD TRUMP Jnr

            yea sure that ..if only she had considered that before killing herself and the baby….

          • Panashe

            ukuda nyaya mdara Trump

          • DONALD TRUMP Jnr

            hahahaha jus want to see kwakatangira nyaya otheryz vabereki vaigara vachimutukira kutiza kwaakaita murume ndosaka akafunga kuzviuraya

        • Pink Boy

          shame sorry. how old was the child

          • MaGolide

            Plz read the article again

        • Only me

          Calm down maGolide.not your place.

          20 Have you seen a man hasty with his words?There is more hope for a fool than for him. Prov 29:20

          • MaGolide

            Wat have i done now

          • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

            I think perhaps you should take up watching a different sport.

      • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

        Does that matter?
        Not sure what good that will do…

        • musa


          • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

            One life wonder.

    • umazithulela

      im so close to the sister yazi as if engahlanya kutshele she doesnt understand all this yazi, ayiii kubuhlungu lokhu.

      • Nomsa Tshuma

        Its painful dear whre r u

        • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

          Stop begging for the D**k from strangers you prostitute!!

    • Wellington

      Eish bakithi, do you know what really drove her to that?

      • MaGolide

        Hey i dont know im out of the country no one knows

        • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

          Who cares about where you are, who asked you where you are, how many people are outside the country?? Your infant brains think being outside is such an achievement huh??
          Grow up & shave that pubic hair

  • Bob

    I did not know that we still had trains working.

  • Je M’appelle Kindness Khupe

    why end the lyf of yo child

  • God of War

    Instead of trying to convince her to get off the tracks, why didn’t they forcibly pull her off the tracks? Anyway she should have spared her child and taken her own life.

    • MaGolide

      Haaaa they were scared to die ahhh maybe the train was too close

    • Wellington

      Im sure someone was also holding a smart phone capturing this eery moment, yazi this evil mother ngabe ufe yedwa watshiya usane olungela cala, where has ubuntu gone kanti

  • Moyana

    kunzima phandle la

    • thyssen

      yi bond leyo

  • makhosi

    Probably tested HIV positive recently. Guys no matter how distressed seek counselling it works wonders!!

    • MaGolide

      Where did you get that uzaboshwa ungakhuluma into ongayazi

      • thyssen


    • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

      Do you need to kill yourself if you test +ve. Are you still leaving in the stone age. Remove your head that’s stuck inside your queen’s sheit hole!!. M.D.D. ni

    • Gus

      HIV is no longer that scary my friend like back in the day, people with it are out living many people without the virus, and the drugs nowadays are much more effective to say the least

      • thyssen

        some still find it scary

  • qondani

    Sad news

  • Siphiwe Trevah

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  • Nkunzemnyama

    Committing suicide is a choice,,,,,,,,,,,,but please when you do so, do it alone.

    • makhosi

      Committing suicide may be a choice but it is a crime. How I wish it was punishable by public lashes for 3 months!!

      Given the uncertainties of life after death I’m not sure whether it is morally right to live your 2 yr old alone on earth.

      • fact

        kkk idiot how is suicide a crime???
        nonetheless if she wanted to kick herself she should have left her son

        • makhosi

          Maybe attempted suicide is a crime?

  • mqhafi

    “‘threw herself…..” and “sat at the centre of the railway line…” which is which Mr Editor?

    • makhosi

      Maybe through herself and on landing sat at the centre of the railway line.

      • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

        That’s a very prejudiced attitude.

  • Question Mark?

    19 yrs and one is already a mother?? How did she think she was going to raise the kid by herself? Women should learn to understand they always suffer the worst after opening their legs. Why do women believe a man’s sweet talk that u alone are the most bweautiful angel on earth? Ladies, those are damn lies.

    • Mthwakazi Wabantu

      Some are mothers at 14. There is nothing amiss here.

  • thyssen

    Its very sad to do such especially to an innocent soul