Presidium to decide ‘Tyson’s fate

Cde Saviour Kasukuwere

Cde Saviour Kasukuwere

Felex Share, Harare Bureau
The Zanu-PF Presidium will make a determination on the fate of national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere following yesterday’s Politburo meeting which discussed a report submitted by the ad-hoc probe committee.

Speaking after the extra ordinary meeting in Harare, Zanu-PF spokesperson, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, said Cde Kasukuwere’s matter was now in the hands of the party’s Presidium which comprises President Mugabe and his two deputies Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko.

Cde Kasukuwere is accused of setting parallel structures in a bid to topple President Mugabe, fanning factionalism, corruption and abuse of office.
Said Cde Khaya Moyo: “The report by the ad-hoc probe committee chaired by Cde Jacob Mudenda on the Mashonaland Central province petition was fully read to members of the Politburo page by page. There was extensive discussion of the report by members of the Politburo. The Presidium will digest the discussions and make the necessary pronouncement on the matter later.”

Cde Mudenda led a probe team that also had Cdes Khaya Moyo, Tsitsi Muzenda and Xavier Kazizi.
President Mugabe deployed a probe team to Mashonaland Central province after party structures submitted a petition to the party leadership seeking the ouster of Cde Kasukuwere.

Other provinces save for Bulawayo have also passed a vote of no confidence on the national commissar.

The probe team has found Cde Kasukuwere guilty of the many charges raised in a petition submitted by party cadres from his home province, Mashonaland Central.

The report noted that on factionalism Cde Kasukuwere was creating shadow Members of Parliament in some constituencies with sitting legislators.

The move is widely believed to be part of Cde Kasukuwere’s larger plot to topple President Mugabe by planting people loyal to him in key positions.

Further, the team also concluded that the province had lost confidence in the leadership of Cdes Kasukuwere, Dickson Mafios (acting provincial chairman) and Wonder Mashange (provincial secretary for administration).

It also emerged that Cde Kasukuwere was excessively interfering with operations of the province as he was a signatory to the party’s provincial account.

This is despite the fact that he is not provincial member.

“It is the finding of the committee that there are two contending groups as bolstered by the creation of shadow members of Parliament against some sitting MPs and a sitting Senator may of necessity create divisions and factions in the province,” reads the report.

“It is the finding of the committee that the petition expressed loss of confidence in the leadership of the three accused persons by bringing the name of the party into disrepute, but more importantly, that the underlying reference to the parallel structures and fanning of factionalism were intended to topple the elected President and the First Secretary of Zanu-PF Cde RG Mugabe.”

On corruption, the report said: “The committee noted that the national political commissar Cde S Kasukuwere, was ostensibly the principal signatory to the provincial party account at the exclusion of the provincial secretary for finance, which is a gross abuse of authority by a national political leader.

“It is the finding of the committee that there are serious competing mining interests as exemplified in Mukaradzi and Kitsiyatota mining claims, which led to the victimisation of the Women’s League members and more pronounced against Cde (Remegio) Matangira, whose case was referred to His Excellency, the President for intervention. The competing mining interests have spilled into the courts whereby the Women’s League formed a Women’s Mining Trust, which has approached the High Court under case number HC/1673/17 reference 12100/2016.

Cde Matangira whose mining property has been destroyed to the tune of $600 000, has approached the Constitutional Court to claim his mining rights under case number CCZ36/16.”

The committee noted the corrupt leadership of Cdes Mafios and Mashange at provincial level.

“The committee noted that the leadership of acting chairman DI Mafios and the provincial secretary for administration Cde W Mashange leaves a lot to be desired in the terms of the shambolic state of administrative and financial records as well as party assets,” reads the report.

“This is revealed by the unauthorised sale of a party vehicle, unaccounted funds from the sale of party cards and data forms as well as the abuse of donated funds and building materials. Arising from the lack of prudential upkeep of provincial bank account as demonstrated in the role of the national commissar Cde S Kasukuwere and the abuse of office by the acting provincial chairman Cde DI Mafios and provincial secretary for administration Cde W Mashange as stated above, is indicative of dictatorial leadership by the accused.”

The committee affirmed that 11 allegations against Cde Kasukuwere and his two accomplices were elaborated in the verbatim report as submissions by members of the Provincial Coordinating Committee during the probe in compliance with the first term of reference which states that the committee had to ensure members in attendance are legitimate members of the Mashonaland Central Provincial Coordinating Committee.

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  • mncubeS

    Muphoko announced in the press that Kasukuwere had not committed any crime including Jonathan Moyo. He chased away people who wanted to arrest Jonathan Moyo. Mphoko went to the police station and released some of the people arrested on corruption charges. He said Kasukuwere was like Border Gezi and Mayika both had no military background -but Kasukuwere is hated because he and Jonathan Moyo love the First Family Mugabe and wife that is why they are persecuted-this is on record before the commission even concluded the matter. Mphoko fired all ZANUPF chairmen in all the provinces who won provincial elections but accused to be supporters of Mnangagwa-the real ZANUPF. Mphoko is ZAPU and from nowhere MuGABE picked him to destroy ZANUPF from within. Does he talk of any other thing other than tribalism and Gukurahundi? Moyo is hated because of tribalism-but Moyo`s father is Sithole not Ndebele-that is why he does not talk about ZAPU -he even was pushed by his father Sithole to join ZANU-not ZAPU. Mugabe and Grace, Mphoko and Kasukuwere are members of G40 a mole party that wants to destroy ZANUPF from inside. Let`s see the pretence and how they will expose themselves in this matter. You think all the provinces were wrong except Matabeleland North? Now they are poaching elephants with cynide to build a stadium in Tsholotsho

    • Leeroy Mampintsha

      Please refrain from posting anything after consuming a generous portion concoction of banned substances!!!

    • April 18

      Yours is a tired narrative reflective of dead words motivated by factional sentiments.All party members are equal and are guided by the current constitution of the party of a United ZANU-FP but not any other document or declaration.Hon.VP Mphoko has both authority and responsibilities as some one appointed by the President of The Republic of Zimbabwe to do his work without fear or favour.In your retrogressive anger and emotion you choose to see ZAPU,G40 at war against “real “ZANU PF. Former ZAPU is in UNITY with ZANU for the good of this country such as political stability. Those of divergent insights you choose to label them as moles.Really? Your stockholder mentality is your undoing and a present danger to the canons of party democracy.

  • khulu

    It beats me. What is the point of all these old men and women spending hours discussing Tyson’s fate and yet at the end of it all, leave the final decision to the “presidium” (read Mugabe)? Does he have to decide on all and everything? This country has portrayed this old man as the only Zimbo with a brain, nothing (however mundane) can be done without first passing it to him. Sickening!

  • makhosi

    As I have always said; ”By Bob’s Grace, Kasukuwere will survive the storm”

  • Eye witness


    • makhosi

      Bedroom coup

  • Ngwenya

    vamwe vakazingwa wani AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA