Ramaphosa elected and sworn in as new president of South Africa

Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected and sworn in as the new president of South Africa by ruling party politicians after the resignation of Jacob Zuma.

The country’s 400-member parliament, dominated by the ruling African National Congress Party (ANC), elected Ramaphosa yesterday to finish his predecessor’s term, which ends with elections in 2019. The ANC has finished first in every national vote since the end of white-minority rule in 1994.

The Economic Freedom Fighters Party (EFF), the country’s leading opposition party, walked out of the parliament session before the vote, calling the election by the ANC “illegitimate”.

In December, 65-year-old Ramaphosa narrowly defeated Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma in the race to replace South African President Jacob Zuma as the head of the party.

Ramaphosa was born in 1952 in Soweto, a township southwest of the Johannesburg city centre, and went on to study law at the University of the North at Turfloop.

He subsequently joined student politics and served as the branch leader of the South African Students’ Association.

Ramaphosa was detained on a series of occasions due to his activism and finally finished his law degree through correspondence via the University of South Africa. In the 1980s, he became an active member of the National Union of Mineworkers, serving as its general secretary for nine years.

Ramaphosa was elected general secretary of the ANC in 1991, and in the years that followed was a key negotiator on behalf of the party during South Africa’s transition to democracy.

After the country’s first democratic elections in 1994, he became a member of parliament and helped write and review the post-apartheid constitution. He was also considered as a potential deputy of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president, but lost that position to Thabo Mbeki, who became president of the country in 1999.

Ramaphosa became involved with Black Economic Empowerment ventures in business, especially mining and farming, and is today one of South Africa’s wealthiest people.  However, his reputation has been dented in recent years, mainly over his connection to the Marikana massacre in 2012, when 34 striking miners were shot dead by police.

At the time, Ramaphosa — who was a shareholder and director at Lonmin, the company that owned the platinum mine — had called for stronger police action against the miners.

A commission of inquiry cleared him, but the accusations continue to haunt him, with activists and the Economic Freedom Fighters opposition party routinely blaming him over Marikana.

Earlier this year, Ramaphosa apologised for his use of language at the time, but maintained he had to intervene to help reduce the loss of lives.

Meanwhile, Reverend Frank Chikane has welcomed the resignation of Jacob Zuma as president, stating that the people of South Africa should not be taken for granted.

Chikane was speaking after a meeting of ANC stalwarts and veterans outside St George’s Church in Johannesburg yesterday.

“The resignation of the president was our liberation yesterday (Wednesday),” Chikane said.

He said the corruption and capture of the country over the past five years had been a traumatic time for South Africans, and those who supported the liberation of South Africa from across the continent and abroad.

“The behaviour of the leadership in the ANC in the last five years was traumatic. It had to stop,” Chikane said.

Chikane said Zuma’s defiant answers during his last live television interview as president on Wednesday, where he repeatedly asked what he had done wrong were a sign that Zuma was not the right person to lead the country. “You can’t take the people of South Africa for granted . . . That to me indicates we had the wrong person as the president of the country,” he said.

Chikane said the party’s stalwarts and veterans couldn’t do much beyond laying an official complaint against Zuma.

“Some of the members want to do that,” he said.

Snuki Zikalala, president of the ANC Veterans’ League, said the stalwarts and veterans of the party were very happy with Zuma’s resignation.

“As veterans, we are very happy that the president of the country, who was a member of the ANC who was recalled came to his senses.

“For him to be reluctant to [resign] would be embarrassing for the country, for the ANC and for him. So, we’re happy that could be avoided,” Zikalala said. — Sapa


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  • Gedle

    whats the hurry vele


      There are poor people out there who need services like yesterday. But the money for the services was stolen by Zuma and his Guptas. That is why the hurry!!

  • bh

    Leave msholozi alone


      You only get left alone if you dont steal public funds!

  • Daar

    Akume kancane ndoda sisakhala ngapha

    • Lucky Mudimba


      • Daar


  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Still waiting for RGM to stand before Zimbabweans and pronounce his resignation!!!

    Bye president Zuma, waiting to say the same to President Mugabe..

  • Ndumiso Sithole

    There goes Chronicle again was he elected or appointed? Elected means there were elections.He was last year elected as ANC President but now since Zuma resigned you say Ramaphosa appointed as new South Africa President.Thank you

    • Asa

      Is ANC a country to elect Ramaposa?


        Zwana mfanekhaya. The ANC as the majority party in national elections nominates a candidate, and presents the name to Parliament. The Speaker of Parliament asks for secondments and whether other parties have their own nominees to challenge the majority party nominee. Where there are more than one nominees, the Joint sitting of the House of Assembly (National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces) vote, and the one with the majority of votes is then declared the winner. Where there are no challengers, as happened in Cyril Ramaphosa’s case, the Speaker declares the only nominee duly elected and then the Chief Justice proceeds to swear him in. So mfanekhaya – the President in SA is elected by Parliament. He is not appointed. This is a different electoral system from that of Zim, the US, Liberia, Kenya, etc where they have Presidential elections. In these countries, party nominees or independent candidates put their names forward to the electoral commission and the registered voters choose who they prefer as President in a Presidential elections. This usually runs parallel to the Parliamentary election, where voters also choose members of Parliament. In SA the public voters only vote for Parties to Parliament and then Parliament is the one that votes for the President. Uzwile Nduna? Enkosi!!


      Yes Ramaphosa was elected as President of the ANC in December. Now he has been elected, unopposed by Parliament as State President of South Africa, after the resignation of Jacob Zuma. The word appointed does not even apply in both cases. I just dont know where it is coming from.

      • MakhosiXamu

        Uyagula, mgodoyi. He was appointed to lead SA , lema.

        • zibulo

          kanti i told you long back ukuthi ngubani uMgodoyi. lanamhla awumazi ???? Zazithi iNjiva uma zisuka eMshishi zisiza ekhaya zithi Siya koMgodoyi.

        • Pilate Mhlanga

          Uyinja Xamu

    • MakhosiXamu

      He was appointed or rather hand picked to lead SA… what a shame.


        Stop misleading the public wena sithutha sika Mgabe. Go to school siphukuphuku!!

      • zibulo

        hand picked, in a december anc conference , hand picked ???? even during Mgabe’s dayhs wawuluwumano , still the same lanamhla. uyihlo wasicindezela wena wamqakezela sakutshela sathi Sobohla Manyosi !!

  • Thabani nabathakhathi

    Ramaphosa has come through a coup as Jonathan Moyo, Zhuwawo, Kasukuwere and Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti have gone to tell Trump that more sanctions for Zimbabwe-gukurahindi murders. The US has now listened and imposed more sanctions today-yes they listen to our pleas that we need sanctions. Tsvangirai did it openly he died a humbled man poor and neglected -a sanctions quality coffin will be used for him. America is still rich, your contry remain living poor you called upon evil to descent on Zimbabweans Jonathan moyo does not sleep every day praying that Zimbabweans must die of hunger because he no longer a minister. Please reallocate his farm to white farmers seeking land. Yaa Ramaphosa is a coup man, they ganged up and forced Zuma to resign this is a de facto coup.

    • Lucky Mudimba

      Bitter moron


      Uyahlanya wena. Zikhiphani ngawe?

    • zibulo

      udliwa ngumona. bassop vele in your life unjalo. you cant appreciate what we are supoosed to be having here too. brainwashed by Mgabe and thinking like this, that mfo is called inter-party democracy. this they did to save their party which had lost a lot of voters – dont you know that?? musa mukubheda lapha, l;awe hamba uyo ayina i jersey !!!!


    This is Mzansi fo sho; what a wonderful modern nation of our times. They lead the African Continent by action.

    Electing a President from a minority of minorities of communities is unheard of in many countries in Africa.

    In Zimbabwe they are not even ashamed of their openly tribal politics and the tribal history they teach their children in schools. They openly and literally ban non -Shona tribes from leadership positions. Take for instance their ruling party ZANU PF. Their Constitution provides for two Vice Presidents who are called Secretaries. The First Secretary is the President of the party who becomes the Head of State if he wins elections. The First Vice President, is always a Shona who Constitutionally takes over from the President, should there be a vacancy. The Second Vice President is always from Matebeleland and stands no chance of ever taking over from the President.

    What this arrangement means is that, they have a Constitutional arrangement – I repeat, and mark my words; a CONSTITUTIONAL arrangement that is akin to SA’s past Apartheid system which was also Constitutional; that allows for ONLY SHONA PEOPLE to succeed each other in the Presidency of the country, in perpetuity.

    They pretend that the arrangement is not tribal but based on some so-called Unity Accord of 1987; yet they have always ignored appointing Mutinhiri, a well know senior ex-ZIPRA cadre to the Second Vice President position ,because he is Shona and not from Matebeleland. They have an openly tribalistic tribal balancing Presidency that ensures only one tribe is relegated to Deputy positions, but they are always the first to deny tribalism.

    They are always shouting about unity, love, God this, God that etc but they don’t practice it. Everything is all pretence, with old historical tribal hatred all hidden behind the facade of National Unity to mislead SADC, world leaders and Human Rights organisations across the World. They are evil personified!!

    South Africa’s ruling party the ANC does not have even one leader from KwaZulu Natal among its Top six leaders elected in the just ended December Conference; yet the Zulu people are the overwhelming majority in the country. This time around the same Zulu people voted for non Zulu people to lead the ANC.

    I mean can you even imagine the Shona people of Zimbabwe doing that in ZANU PF or the MDC-T?


  • David Mokoena

    A capitalist puppet (e.g Marikana) replaces a corrupt (e.g Gupta) communist.. A ‘looter’ continua..


      When your friend or neighbour buys a bicycle, instead of you working hard and doing better than him by buying a motorbike or a car, you choose to either puncture his bike, steal it or destroy it in the typical African Pull Him Down (PhD) syndrome. That’s not progress. You label people Capitalists as if its a crime to be a Capitalist. A clear lack of understanding of how economies work. Without Capitalists – there is no wealth brur – please jack up on this score!!

      No wonder you are poor as Africans. You hate money. You hate those who make money. You hate progress. You love poverty. You love equality in poverty.

      You have no respect for the law – Judge Farlam of the Farlam Commission cleared Cyril Ramaphosa of any wrong doing; but because you don’t respect the law, you are jungle beasts who believe in public lynching your opponents, you continue with the Marikana nonsense.

      All you know is stealing from the hard workers. You are always bent on displaying your uncontrollable envy of those who do well for themselves in life. Yours is about grabbing what you never worked for Mugabe land grabbing style – that is all that you know.

      You can not create anything new in life- you are destroyers of whatever progress you find. Useless creatures!!!!

      • zibulo

        does he even know about Judge Farlam? Street mentality he has, myeke lowo. Democracy at play and then someone who has been oppressed for thirty seven years makes fun of democracy in a land of the free !!!!. hes not aware that he is ruled by a Junta, ask him he’s gonna deny it.

        • David Mokoena

          Dim witted ignoramous!


          ZANU PF is poison Ndoda. The psychological damage they have done to most of these Shona pikininis is beyond description. It’s mental slavery. These people have no independent thinking capacity. They just follow whatever they hear from Politicians. They are uninformed and totally ignorant. Shame!!

    • Mike Baramasimbe

      Cyril is a captive of white monopoly capital.