Ramaphosa set for presidential nod from ANC in Gauteng

Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa

Johannesburg – The ANC in Gauteng looks set to officially nominate Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa when the province holds its provincial general council next weekend.

Ramaphosa’s rival, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, has performed poorly in the province, getting less than 60 branch nominations, with the process near completion.

Despite hard campaigning, the other presidential hopefuls have failed to perform, with only two branches not nominating the two front runners.

An official tally of the nomination process shows that Dlamini-Zuma has only managed 55 branch nominations while Ramaphosa received a whopping 383.

Ninety-three percent of the branches have completed their branch general meetings to choose presidential candidates to replace President Jacob Zuma at the December elective conference.

Gauteng was expected to nominate Ramaphosa after the provincial executive committee sent a letter to regions in October, backing him as its only candidate for party president.

Insiders in the Dlamini-Zuma campaign were banking on getting at least a 100 branch nominations from the province, ahead of the fiercely-contested presidential race.

They expected to dominate the Ekurhuleni region, where Mzwandile Masina has vowed to resign as mayor and chair of the region if Ramaphosa wins the presidency and if the majority of the branches in his region failed to nominate Dlamini-Zuma – his preferred candidate.

“It means I am not a leader. I can’t lead people who don’t listen to me . . . This is not just a presidential race, it’s politics,” Masina said in October.

There are only nine branches which are yet to hold their meetings in the region. Dlamini-Zuma has snapped up 27 branches and Ramaphosa got the nod from 70. The 27 was the highest number of branches in a Gauteng region that backed Dlamini-Zuma.

The NDZ17 campaign was also hoping to make inroads in the Sedibeng region, that includes the Vaal. However, she only managed six nominations while Ramaphosa got 76.

The province is hoping that its preferred candidate will win this time around after backing Kgalema Motlanthe in 2012 and Thabo Mbeki in 2007.

They both lost to Zuma — earning the province the title of “never backing a winner”.

Gauteng is expected to bring 508 delegates to the elective conference that gets underway from December 16 to 20 at the Nasrec expo centre, south of Johannesburg.

Meanwhile, ANC presidential hopefuls Zweli Mkhize, Lindiwe Sisulu and Dlamini-Zuma have pulled out of Daily Maverick’s The Gathering event yesterday.

The three told the organisers on Monday, November 20, that they would not be attending.

A representative from Dlamini-Zuma’s office told News24 that she excused herself from the event due to an “ANC deployment which was extended, and other engagements in her calendar had to be moved”.

Mkhize’s office told News24 that the ANC treasurer-general was sorry he could not make it to the event as he had an “engagement he just couldn’t miss”.

Welcoming guests, Eyewitness News’ editor-in-chief Katy Katopodis said: “It was disappointing, but you can make your own conclusions as to why they did not attend.”

Speakers at the event, including EFF leader Julius Malema, DA leader Mmusi Maimane and former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, are expected to discuss the ANC’s elective conference in December.

One of the speakers, ANC stalwart Mavuso Msimang said the country’s politicians had let the nation down.

“That confidence has been seriously been misplaced,” said Msimang.

“I do not know what is going to happen in December, but it is going to be an election on faulty ground. My fear is that [beyond] December, if someone wins, the status quo will remain. “If Cyril wins — I do not know if he will bet with the very thieves that he abandoned.”

Msimang said a new way had to be found create “an organisation in which people take a more active role in politics”.

Msimang said the manner in which the ANC elected its leaders was fraught with problems which allowed factions, slates and gatekeeping.

“The manner in which the ANC elected its leaders was an ancient system where power was not a factor and the important thing was to get [members] to elect people that would lead the people.

Msimang said the part of the reason for the meeting of the recent consultative conference spearheaded by the party’s veterans was to “overhaul the entire system because it was not working”.

Discussing the topic with Msimang was former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza, who said blame for the state the ANC finds itself in should not be placed on President Jacob Zuma alone.

“It is not just about the individual and I believe that it boils down to the moral leadership crisis – the leadership of the ANC as a collective. I would not like to apportion blame to only President Jacob Zuma. They are all equally to blame for allowing the rot and the politics of patronage to take over,” Khoza said.

“Within the ANC there is a culture of collective responsibility. Within the caucus, we raised issues but once the majority says that we have to defend Nkandla; when you go into the chambers, you cannot deviate from that decision made by the caucus.”

She said there were MPs who had become very unpopular, including Gordhan and Derek Hanekom, because they had raised issues within the ANC caucus.

“Corruption is not a victimless crime – it has victims and we are victims of it.”

She said among some of those most affected by corruption were social grants recipients “who get money deducted from their accounts illegally”.

She said corruption was at the centre of the disinvestment in the country.

“I honestly do not think the ANC’s elective conference in December is going to deliver…”

Without going into details Khoza said civil society was working on establishing a coalition movement that would be an alternative political home for South Africans. — AFP

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  • kwanele

    Now what is left to be known by the people of SA? Magda Wierzycka in her latest statement has accepted that WMC does exists in the nation. She being a integral part of WMC would have surely disappointed other WMC agents. Ramaphosa a womanizer like him can only take the revenge.

    • Martiz

      Magda herself is a captured stooge who works for her boss Rupert. But, if Ramaphosa gets elected our country would be in great trouble

    • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo

      Our lives aren’t wasted at all, we’ve led full and eventful lives, more eventful than you could possibly imagine, in so many ways, but thanks for your concern

      • kwanele

        May be you would have experienced the fabulous life, what about people who were discriminated and constantly harassed in South Africa.

  • kwanele

    Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa’s pro-white monopoly capital “New Deal” was exposed as a policy proposal of the racist Democratic Alliance (DA).

    • kwanele

      This revelation was made by Mmusi Maimane who fronts as the leader of the DA. The news that Ramaphosa wants to impose a DA policy on the African National Congress (ANC) was revealed at the exclusively white, Nandos Gathering.

      • Jonkar

        Maimane, most likely instructed by the actual leader of the DA, Helen Zille, told the gathering that Ramaphosa’s New Deal was in fact DA policy. The DA is making sure everyone knows that Ramaphosa represents an ideological programme similar to that of the opposition party.

        • Rauxx

          if Ramaphosa does not emerge, forms a new party and is nominated as the DA’s preferred candidate for President of South Africa. Another New Dealist is Dr Makhosi Khoza, who is testing the ground for a pro WMC party to be led by Cyril Ramaphosa if he fails to cut it next month.

          • Martiz

            ANC which was an example of unity now stands divided. Cyril has never done any good for our country, if he gets elected as the President, he would only stuff his coffers and nothing else.

        • Martiz

          It would be terrible if that happens. If ANC votes Cyril would they be voting for a puppet controlled by DA, where the real power would rest in the hands of Maimane.

      • Jonkar

        This serves two main functions. Firstly, it prepares for scenario one where Ramaphosa emerges as ANC leader. If that happens, a New Deal neo-liberal consolidation will happen where the ANC will rule, guided by DA policies.

        • Martiz

          And if that happens, ANC would be nothing more than a mere puppet in the hands of DA! Our country would be enslaved and our rights, crushed.

      • Martiz

        DA is corrupt and so is Cyril. He wants to exchange golden handshakes so and they want to plunder our country together!!!!

        • Essexvale

          You have wasted your whole life on the complex of size… texts and so on.. acctually not a big deal, an everyday life

      • mphafane.bosch

        Ramaphosa is a known white monopolists stooge, and so is Democratic Alliance. So it is very obvious that their agenda would be same. They both aims for real state capture.

      • Jofa

        If size was all that mattered (or the most important thing), men would be redundant – massive dildos are available.

    • Rauxx

      Cyril Ramaphosa’s corrupt deeds is nothing new to this country and while the list doesn’t seems like ending.

    • Rauxx

      It is the actual reason WMC has regulated signals to the white paid media and other agencies to take to wheels and create fake propagandas so as to divert the attention of the audience from the recently exposed “Paradise Papers”

      • Martiz

        Yes they have paid and bribed every single person to spread propaganda against Guptas so that Ramaphosa’s public image can get improved.

    • Monroe lucky

      It is a well known fact that Cyril Ramaphosa Exposed Of Shifting Billions Of Rands Into Offshore Tax Havens.

      • Martiz

        Yes, he is the most corrupt soul alive who wants to plunge our country into darkness. He can never think of benefitting people. He can only launder taxpayers money to increase his bank balance.

      • Martiz

        Yes, he is the most corrupt soul alive who wants to plunge our country into darkness. He can never think of benefitting people. He can only launder taxpayers money to increase his bank balance.

    • Martiz

      People who are backing Cyril and feeding the snake, he is an inefficient leader who wants to capture our country.

  • Rauxx

    The tides have changed their directions and are blowing towards WMC barons and their stooges, specifically towards their hopeful presidential candidate; the incumbent South African Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa.

    • Martiz

      These tides would soon go away. Let Dlamini win, the living conditions of the people would change and everything would fall into place.

  • Monroe lucky

    Why is the media not focusing on “Paradise Papers” which surfaces a bigger scam with proofs of authentication?

    • Monroe lucky

      Is it because “Paradise Papers” has refuted the reputation of Cyril Ramaphosa along with other white barons and the white media is trying to provide a mask to it?

      • Martiz

        And they are trying with all their force to distract the public attention from the devious deeds of Ramaphosa. The white media wants him to win so that the WMC hegemony can prevail over South Africa.

    • Martiz

      It is because they want to hide the truth till December, they know that once he gets elected as the president nobody would be able to harm him, and that is why he is trying to take advantage of it.

  • Kabius Kekedu

    Poor Dhlamini-Zuma, she must have suffered a soiling effect from Zimbabwe’s Gucci Grace Mugade by virtue of being Zuma’s wife although the circumstances are very different and the two people are very different political personages.Am really sorry for her. Grace Mugabe is a witch I tell you all. She must be arrested if she strays into RSA.

  • Sd

    Watched the state funeral of Great Late Madiba, attended by many dignataries from around the world and when the present Head of state entered he was booed and jeered by the crowds and Cyril quickly made an announcement to the crowd ” Could we have some discipline we will talk later ……….