Road rage cop in court

Plaxcedes Hove Court Reporter

A BULAWAYO based police officer stationed in Pumula appeared in court facing assault charges after he clobbered a motorist at a roadblock for failing to heed his order to stop. Jeryson Tsikira, 47, allegedly assaulted Clyde Muchineuta at a roadblock along Plumtree road claiming that he had disrespected him by failing to stop at a roadblock when ordered to do so.

Tsikira pleaded not guilty to the charge when he appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Themba Chimiso and he was remanded out of custody to September 11 for continuation of trial.
Prosecuting, Whatmore Tembo said the incident happened in June.

“On June 30 at around 8AM along Plumtree road, Muchineuta was driving and was ordered to stop at a roadblock by a certain police officer of which he complied.

“When he was on his way he heard a whistle and a police officer came from the bush and ordered him to return. Muchineuta complied and returned. When Muchineuta approached Tsikira, he came out of his car and Tsikira slapped him claiming he was running away,” he said.

In his defence, Tsikira denied assaulting Muchineuta and told the court that he was carrying a knobkerrie.
“I did not assault this man. On the day I was carrying my knobkerrie that I move with everywhere I go and on the other hand I was holding a blue diary. How could I have assaulted him? I am also a respected police officer and I would not do anything to risk my career,” he said.

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    i wonder how many innocent/ignorant people are assaulted at these road blocks I am watching the space,,, the complainant here is a deputy sheriff and his wife is a superintendent in the police force,, very interesting case