Thieves attack police base…Brave cops fight off five-man gang

POLICENqobile Tshili Chronicle Correspondent—
TWO female police officers bravely fought off a knife wielding five-man gang that attacked a police base and tried to rape one of them. Licking their wounds, the gang fled from the base, near Amakhosi Cultural Centre in Bulawayo, minutes before reinforcements from the canine section arrived at the scene. The incident happened at about 1AM yesterday.

Police with sniffer dogs tracked down and arrested two of the suspects. A manhunt has been launched for the other three. Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango referred questions to national police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi.

Chief Supt Nyathi could not be reached for comment as his cellphone rang unanswered. Police sources said three police officers, one male, were at the tent which is used as the base.

“When the five arrived, the male police officer was outside. Apparently unaware of his presence, they immediately attacked the women,” said a source. The source said a scuffle ensued as one of the attackers tried to rape one of the officers.

“The two female officers fought hard to keep their attackers at bay while the male officer called for backup at Bulawayo Central Police Station,” said the source.

“The raiders apparently realising they were coming out second best, fled into the bush and a few minutes later, the reinforcements arrived.” The male police officer, said the source, showed the dog squad the direction taken by the fleeing criminals.

“The dogs immediately picked the scent and two of the fleeing suspects were arrested,” the source added. It could not be ascertained yesterday why the gang raided the police base.

Following their arrests, the bruised suspects were taken to Bulawayo Central Police Station where they are assisting with investigations. The Chronicle visited the police base yesterday and it was business as usual. Officers at the base refused to shed light on the matter saying only their public relations officers were allowed to speak to the Press.

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  • Bongani Dlamini

    shady deals with the police gone wrong. the attempted rape accusation may well be a creation. the poaching syndicates come to mind. we are not fools all the time

    • professor

      You are a stupid idiot, probably a rapist who is yet to be caught!

      • Garfield

        Professor, don’t be emotional. The reason why the lady officers are assisting with investigations is that not all that happens is at it seems. There is a chance there may have been working in cahoots!

  • Inspector Mzarabani

    These hungry unemployed thugs where looking for our road block loot shame on you

  • Bambanani

    Stupid petty criminals

  • Naison

    Thank you very much! You have answered my prayers by giving us another picture of the sexy Inspector Simango! Keep up the good work editor!

    • Grieve not the Holy Spirit

      Be very careful brother with the spirit of lust for women which is already manifesting in you. Not god of the Bible would listen to your prayer. Its some other god not the living God who created the universe and its inhabitants. May the God of the Bible who is Holy open your eyes

      • benjamin

        I think Naison is just taking a lighter moment in the spirit of it being a weekend. But then again, there is nothing wrong with admiration. Beautiful she is. And only he can know whether he lusts for her, simply admires her, or was just plain joking. I personally hope he doesn’t lust for her.

        • Naison

          Thank you Bengy,
          Grieve not is so serious! Their is nothing wrong in admiring what the lord has made!

          • Gogogera

            Kana ini ndinovadawo Inspector can some one give me her details so that i can catch her up before this lustful Naison take her

          • Dungeni

            Simango is going to sqeeze you balls ndwangu

          • red ochestra

            Yebo Jotham kkkk

        • Bul-24/7

          Its is known that there are certain scribes at Chronicle who like to spend moments on this platform in order to display their journalistic skills or lack of the same. In the above post, are we perhaps witnessing dialogue between a pair of such persons?

      • Moyo

        Naison anoona chaizvo. Jealous down, Inspector vakanaka ava!

  • elevated through incarceration

    I wouldn’t be quick to blame the teacher, at times the kids have to be driven or coerced into working hard. The method employed was a bit on the harsh side though, though not warranting the teacher to be caged. The teacher has experience in dealing with children given the number of years experience under her belt. Most likely she has taught kids some of whom have gone on to become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and Professors, through her coercive teaching methods.

  • Bongani Mhlanga

    I know this place and was once attacked by criminals there. Police must build a bigger base there. But I’m now worried, how accurate are these sniffer dogs? Innocent people could have been arrested

  • Dr. Nikuv Riggington (PhD)

    Mduduzi Mathuthu I heard you were in a yet another road accident. Remember God is NOT a fool. You can’t cheerlead for the Vampire party that butchered 20,000 of ur kinsman then expect no consequences. Consider yourself WARNED!

  • theza

    well done to the police for handling such a scenario with the urgency it deserves, rather than waiting for the morning when evidence would have been destroyed, thumbs up guys