UPDATED: “Let me watch world cup” – Wife basher pleads


Sylvester Chiramba, Court Reporter
A WIFE-BASHER from Bulawayo has pleaded with a court not to give him a custodial sentence as he would not want to miss the FIFA World Cup which kicks off in Russia today.

Collias Mutungamiri from Cowdray Park suburb pleaded with a court for a fine.

“I pray that you give me a non custodial sentence as I am a working man and the World Cup is around the comer your worship I would not want to miss it.”

“I have learnt the hard way while I was in custody. We only had cabbage or beans. At times we were made to sleep as early as 4PM and the sleeping conditions are unbearable,” said Mutungamiri

Mutungamiri pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges when he appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube yesterday.

The magistrate fined him $100 or 90 days in prison.

Prosecuting, Mr Nathan Marime told the court that on May 20 and at around 7 PM Mutungamiri confronted his wife Ms Siqondisile Nsingo and asked her where she was the previous day.

“Ms Nsingo told her husband that she had spent the night at a friend’s place,” said Mr Marime

“This did not go well with Mutungamiri who punched her on the face. He also used an umbrella to assault her all over her body before banging her head against the wall.”


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  • Wellington

    kkkkkkkkkkk, and its cold in there very very cold

  • siphilanzima


  • Essexvale

    So this shifty shona (ss) is complaining about the prison menu while, at the same time, demanding to be set free in order to watch the FIFA world cup series? It’s true that such people consider themselves as special recipients of privilege, over and above that to which they and other citizens are entitled! Isn’t this taking one’s status as a citizen to levels that are somewhat exaggerated? The man is a convicted wife-basher who deserves more than the $100.00 rap. My opinion is that denying him the luxury of witnessing the global soccer tournament by giving him a lengthy custodial sentence would be most appropriate!

    • God of War

      I’m surprised that you wrote such a long comment and you said absolutely nothing that makes sense. He has a right to watch the world cup and the mantshi gave him the appropriate sentence for the crime committed.

      • Essexvale

        How could I have commented in audio as you claim, when this platform does not have that provision. I wrote without making a sound. Stay focused if you’re going to be considered as a credible writer!!

        • God of War

          Where did i mention anything to do with audio? There is something very wrong with you. I reckon you should tell the elders in your family to brew some traditional beer for you because you’ve darn lost your mind son.

          • Essexvale

            Allow me to quote you as follows……”you wrote such a long comment and you said absolutely nothing that makes sense. ” I did not say anything; but I did write something. There’s a distinct difference between saying and writing.

          • God of War

            May i ask what junior school you went to cz your English teacher did a very bad job on you. When you are writing something, you are actually saying it to me. That’s what you get from learning at ghetto schools.

          • Essexvale

            No!! Now listen up! Saying is audio and writing is typing or scribbling. It’s that simple.

          • God of War


    • musa

      there is a difference between demanding and pleading. #comprehension

      • Essexvale

        Still the school master are you? Well I’ve been out of school for several years now and in my independent state as a free citizen I like to use journalistic licence whenever I wish to enhance a point!

  • Ziso

    the wife slept at a friend’s place..without the husband knowing. Men, do you allow that. Let him pay 100$ and harmoniously send off the whore. Be free my brother and watch the cup. NXA

    • rascal

      I know this person..he is not staying with the lady . they were married before and then divorced and they stayed separately. the kid is the only that unites the two idiots. by the time of committing the crime the man has visited the lady at her home and find she was not there


    don’t beat people like that, find another woman. how can someone disappear without saying goodbye

  • Ziyabheda

    So the wife slept at a friend’s place without the husband knowing? Does she have manners at all ? Or was she just retaliating in the sense that he also sleeps out some other days without informing her? It can be painful when the reverse act is done on your face you know.

    • rascal

      I thing you have the wrong vision of the story..the guy is my neibhor.

  • musa

    the wife provoked the man though the man was wrong in bashing her. what is a relationship without trust?