War vets kick out Mutsvangwa

Christopher Mutsvangwa

Christopher Mutsvangwa

Chronicle Reporter—
THE Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) last night said it had kicked out Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa as its leader and also revoked his wife, Monica’s membership of the association. The war veterans laid out a 16-point charge sheet against Cde Mutsvangwa, who is also the Minister of War Veterans and War Collaborators’ Welfare.

Among other things, Cde Mutsvangwa was accused of disrespecting President Robert Mugabe as well as threatening physical harm on Prof Jonathan Moyo, a Cabinet minister and Politburo member.

Also given the boot were his secretary general Cde Victor Matemadanda and the association’s deputy chairman Headman Moyo.

The shock move came just hours after the War Veterans Elders led by Patrick Nyaruwata asked First Lady Cde Grace Mugabe, during a rally in Chiweshe in Mashonaland Central, to ask the President on their behalf to cause the election of a new leadership.

They said the war veterans’ association and ministry were rudderless under Cde Mutsvangwa, who was elevated to the position in 2014.

Cde Mandi Chimene, the spokesperson for the ZNLWVA – who announced the decision last night – said they were “going back to President Mugabe to tell him the minister he gave us isn’t working”. This could trigger Cde Mutsvangwa’s removal from Cabinet.

Cde Chimene said Cde Mutsvangwa now thought of himself as a powerful force in Zimbabwe who spent more time “fighting in newspapers” and neglecting the welfare of members.

Cde Mutsvangwa, she added, was selective of the people he worked with while shutting out some members of the executive.

Cde Mutsvangwa is also set to appear before a Zanu-PF disciplinary committee this month after the Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial executive last year passed a vote of no confidence in him. The Women’s League, on the other hand, passed a vote of no confidence in his wife, Monica, whose Zanu-PF membership is also hanging by a thread.

Cde Mutsvangwa, said the province, was found guilty of gross misconduct and disloyalty and treachery following his utterances in the media where he was quoted saying: “We’ll always respect the institution of marriage and he (political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere) is confused and conflating the institution of marriage and that of the State.”

Cde Mutsvangwa was at the time suggesting the First Lady could not be placed on an equal pedestal as her husband, President Mugabe.

His predecessor in the war veterans’ association, Jabulani Sibanda, was expelled from the party for claiming the First Lady had staged a “bedroom coup”.

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  • nxa

    Handei tiwone

  • Mpisi

    Mbavha ye ma knicker down the tubes kkkk The gentle used Vikitoria Secret undies salesman.lol!

  • Bambanani

    I knew he was going……… He chose wrong enemies to fight. But I still agree with Mutsvangwa on the institution of marriage VS the state. ZANU doesn’t seem to understand that the first lady is not the president.

    • blarazonke

      She effectiviely is!! She has felled a lot of the unotuchables and will soon take down the Croc and his team. Mutsvangwa will be gone b4 next weekend and the generals will bend over and kneel b4 her deeper. She is monitoring the effects of drought in all provinces and dishing out food relief like nobody else. At the moment she is the prime minister awaitng to rise to the toppest job. Dr Amai is the only chance we have for a fast change in direction.

  • Hayibo

    Dr Amai Mugabe and your team !! You are on the verge of destroying Zanu PF . How do you really believe that soldiers would want to bomb a big institution like Alpha Omega using petrol bombs ????? Amai , you are being fed with lies . This can only be stage managed . If its real army personnel , you would not stop them . Can’t you see you are being lied to . Kasukuwere !!! You are not serious . You are only after power . You say the other person , who ever it is should leave the position because someone wants the position . Suddenly someone wants the position that is occupied but you are saying people should not want positions that are occupied . Where exactly do you stand? Amai , you are surrounded by people who are power hungry and pretend to be on your side . Please analyse Kasukuwere’s speech and you will see my point . Please also analyse VP Mpokho’s speech . He is also afraid that if a Karanga would get the Presidency after President Mugabe , it actually means he has no chance so he is actually trying to pave a way for himself . Amai ! I pity you because you are under siege in a den of hungry lions in sheep skin . If ever your son is in danger , it is these very people who are pretending to be close to you and promise to protect you when in fact they are your real enemies . WATCH OUT !!! Mark my word .

    • Mixed Race

      Your appeal lack substance because you should separate character and reputation.Who has a character of known violence between the two clubs? J Moyo has never used violence to get what he wants,however he has used his peaceful skills and intelligence to confuse and then destroy his opponents.This what is happening now,so you cannot blame him and his group using childish thinking.Try us we will give you all the facts peacefully.Why should VP Mpokho accept that his counterpart is more equal than him?

      • ohara

        Munangagwa and his team have been projecting Ngwena as superior to Mphoko when in actual fact the two positions carry the same weight.It is also documented that ED is un- electable given his dismal performance against Chebundo in Kwekwe.
        Jonso is using modern methods of politics -that is the game of mind and I respect him for that unlike the Gukurahundist who think that violence is relevant in this modern set up Aluta continua G40 ,Aluta continua Dr Amai and Kasukuwere .Handei tione .

    • Mpisi

      This Amai Mgodoyi that you love so much does not hold a position in govt. when the husband sinks she sinks too. Do you get it bum licker?

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Ngwena guns have been aimed at you all the time.

  • Ndabzimbi

    In Zanu pf at this moment it is all about if you get a political erection you are gone. Saviour is next.

  • Mpisi

    Kill each other , we are ready with the body bags.

    • Lunga


    • MakhosiXamu

      Killing each other ?. They can only expel one another – that is a fact. MDC-T has just fired Matson Hlalo. Kikikikikikiiiiiiiii. Somebody told me that we have an opposition- I am not sure if that is true. Whilst there are squables in Zn(PF) the MDC-T is also busy firing. Who is next in line , maybe that young lawyer by the name Tshamisa(I am reliable told by Mpisi that he is a Ndebele)….kikikikikikikiiii

      • Mpisi

        Uyihlo uMgodoyi bafuna ukumsusela amanqe o Lacoste. I can’t wait ukumbona esiya esihogweni kuyise usathani.

      • Zuze

        Kanti wena Gwababa utshona ukangele ezeMDC. When your own ship is sinking. Ubucatshe ngapi induku Ze Zanu ziphapha? Gwala lothuvi.

      • Izinamnam zako blongwane

        It is all about SLT,s. Where ever they rule whether it be in the great lakes region or here when they are not fighting their traditional enemies they fight each other like the Arabs do. The ABN.s on the other hand are like the Israelites. They stick to each other no matter what. All except for Jotham, that is if he is one of them.

        • Ndabezimbi

          I’ve heard the term SLT but what is an ABN.

          • Izinamnam zako blongwane

            Amandebele Be Nkosi.

          • Ndabezimbi

            You my man are the Ndebele version of Tonde.

      • MakhosiXamu

        I now own this name, change to a Shona name that you are.

  • Lunga


  • Jamaicanpass

    Jonho and Lacoste are indispensable, the hold keys to the survival of the party and of the president, whatever happens they won’t be scratched and their sins will always be forgiven.

    • N. Sithole

      Jonho and Lacoste?!

      • Jamaicanpass

        Yes sir, the prof and the croc.

    • Cde Sinjonjo

      Not true. None is indispensable. Watch the space.

  • man

    nobody will l;ead this organisation again. okwenza udube lo dlomo kuyamenza. kwakungujabulani sibanda today its you mutswanga