14 pupils busted at Pumula Vuzu party

Peter Matika, [email protected]

POLICE in Bulawayo are investigating a case involving 14 pupils from different schools who were busted engaging in delinquent behaviour at a Vuzu party in Pumula South suburb last Friday.

Vuzu parties are social events where youth, mostly teenagers, engage in alcohol drinking sprees, drug abuse and sex orgies.

 Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube said after raiding the merrymakers, police recovered condoms and empty alcohol containers.

“Police in Bulawayo are investigating an incident in which 14 pupils who were wearing different school uniforms, were found at a Vuzu party at a house in Pumula South last Friday. After raiding the party-goers, police recovered condoms and empty containers,” he said.

Inspector Abednico Ncube

Last year police in Bulawayo arrested 39 students from different schools and colleges after they raided a house in Kumalo suburb where there was a Vuzu party.

Alcohol, cigarettes and used condoms were recovered at the house.

Vuzu parties are secret in-door gatherings common among adolescents in Bulawayo and during the party the merrymakers indulge in alcohol and drug abuse as well as engage in sex.

Youths who normally patronise Vuzu parties are those who have parents that are based outside the country. According to a research by Grassroots Soccer and AIDS Health Care Foundation, youths who normally venture into these wild parties are those who live in communities.

During the parties decency is thrown out of the window as the youths engage in wild sex orgies thereby risking contracting HIV/Aids, other sexually transmitted infections and also falling pregnant.

Venues for the parties are usually homes in the leafy suburbs where parents, in most cases, are working outside the country. In some cases, organisers book lodges to host the parties.

The parties are usually organised through WhatsApp groups and these have become popular with teenagers.  

Zimbabwe’s latest demographic and health survey indicates that nearly 40 percent of girls and 24 percent of boys under the age of 18, are sexually active.

Some of the competitions during the parties according to the teenagers are sex master, twerking queen and booze master. 

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