All set for cake bake off

18 Jan, 2020 - 00:01 0 Views
All set for cake bake off From left Martha Ndlovu, Washington Dube and Ruth Thandeka Mahlahleni Ndiweni

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Wayne Chiridza, Showbiz Reporter

IKHEKHELETHU/Our Cake will be hosting a culture themed cake bake off at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Tea Room today from 5pm.

Ikhekhelethu/Our Cake is focused on authentic and culturally themed cakes while saving culture and preserving deep heritage.

Nqabayezwe Costa Ndlovu, founder of Ikhekhelethu/Our Cake said the inaugural cake bake off and exhibition today will introduce an authentic Afrocentric cake brand. 

“The concept was born out of appreciation and respect for culture and identity. We saw the need to come up with a modern, creative and engaging way of preserving our cultural values by creating a brand that one can touch, taste and feel — something that would appeal to the young and old,” said Ndlovu.

He added: “Ikhekhelethu/Our Cake has emerged as a culturally themed cake brand that seeks to showcase the beauty of the Ndebele culture. This culture is a microcosm of what our beautiful African continent has to offer. We have rhythms, themes and sounds.  Ikhekhelethu/Our Cake exhibition seeks to bring all these elements to life by poetically displaying this cake before an audience which represents a community”.

He said the exhibition and cake tasting event will involve three bakers Ruth Thandeka Mahlahleni Ndiweni, Martha Ndlovu and Washington Dube. They were shortlisted after a call was made to interested bakers. 

“A call was made on social media especially for bakers that have knowledge of the Ndebele culture as it’s the one that inspired the formation of the brand. Contestants were then asked to send in short video clips of themselves talking about their love for baking and culture,” explained Ndlovu.

The cakes which will be exhibited, he said, will involve telling a story of identity, African pride and heritage as the exhibition is dubbed “Bake me a Ndebele Story.”

Albert Nyathi, Donna Ncube and Priscilla Mabena will be the judges with Sithandazile Dube being the presenter of the show. Invited guests, from the tasting session, will also vote for the best cake based on appearance, texture and theme. 

Two bakers will be chosen to proceed to the grand finale taking place in February where they will battle it out for the number one position. The winner will become Ikhekhelethu/Our Cake’s official baker. 

“The winner will win a symbolic sculpture that symbolises the pride attached to culture and identity instead of a conventional trophy. The winner will also get a one year contract as an official Ikhekhelethu/Our Cake brand baker and go on to bake for our valued clients that are passionate about preserving their cultural values,” said Ndlovu.

He said all is set for the event with the culturally themed baking exhibition set to become an annual event with different themes being explored.

“As the exhibition on Saturday is strictly by invite, the public will have access to the cakes after the brand is launched next month.” — @waynecas

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