Bulawayo in drive to eliminate mosquito breeding Mrs Nesisa Mpofu

Thandeka Moyo-Ndlovu, Online Reporter

THE Bulawayo City Council has called on residents to eliminate mosquito breeding sites to prevent malaria.

The corporate communications manager Mrs Nesisa Mpofu, however, said Bulawayo is generally malaria free as there is no documented evidence that there is local transmission of malaria in the city.

She said preventive measures are in place for mosquito control.

“The City health facilities have received and treated malaria cases imported from malarious areas. Since the beginning of the year, the City has recorded over 40 cases and we remain cautious.  Residents should ensure that they eliminate any possible sources of mosquito breeding. These sources include old tyres, tins, blocked gutters, and disused swimming pools,” said Mrs Mpofu.

The type of mosquitos found in the City will also breed in wastewater. It is therefore important for residents to report any blocked manholes for prompt attention. Mosquitoes will also reside in overgrown grass and shrubs. It is therefore important for residents to clear any overgrowth that can harbour mosquitoes.” @thamamoe

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