COMMENT: Continue night patrols in robbery hotspots

14 Sep, 2021 - 00:09 0 Views
COMMENT: Continue night patrols in robbery hotspots

The Chronicle

Armed robbers are on the rampage again terrorising residents in Bulawayo’s high- density suburbs.

The robbers recently shot two people from Cowdray Park suburb and one of the victims, Mr Smart Kutsanzira, a businessman, later died in hospital.

The residents now live in fear of these robbers who break into their houses at night demanding money and what is worrying is that the robbers are now trigger happy.

The robbers who seem to have moved to Cowdray Park suburb, have also been terrorising residents of Mabutweni and Emakhandeni suburbs.

Following robberies in Mabutweni and Emakhandeni suburbs, police increased night patrols leading to the arrest of some of the robbers. Residents are having sleepless nights because of these armed gangs hence the need for stepped up night patrols in all suburbs.

The safest place for any family, we have said before, is their house which unfortunately is no longer the case in Bulawayo. What is disturbing is that the armed robbers have become so daring to the extent of exchanging gunfire with the police.

What is however comforting is that our police officers have in most cases prevailed.
Recently Bulawayo police shot and killed three armed robbers during a shootout after intercepting the robbers as they attempted to rob a city resident.

The six robbers attempted to rob a city businessman in Four Winds suburb and three of them were shot and killed during an exchange of gunfire with the police.

The robbers had travelled all the way from South Africa to commit the robbery.

Residents should work closely with the police in order to rid the city of these criminal elements.  The armed gangs should not be allowed a free rein in our city as what seems to be the case now.

We have said it before that criminals live among us and we should therefore provide information to the police leading to their arrest.

All suspicious people should be reported to the police and those residents that harbour criminals are accomplices and deserve to be punished.

We want to once again implore the police to continue the night patrols especially in robbery hotspots like Cowdray Park suburb where residents are now living in fear. Residents need to sleep peacefully knowing that their security is guaranteed.

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