COMMENT: Opposition should stop nauseating obsession with foreign intervention

22 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
COMMENT: Opposition should stop nauseating obsession with foreign intervention Nelson Chamisa

The Chronicle

IF there is something stinking high and wide in Zimbabwe’s opposition political landscape, it is its love for foreign intervention.

In fact, there is a whorish competition in the opposition circles to attract the desire and love of foreign meddling in the country’s political affairs.

It is a silly and nauseating obsession of glorifying the supremacist behaviour of those in the West while admitting to a life of inferiority in almost all aspects including but not limited to the ability of a black man to rule themselves.

And the West has been so desperate for an admission by the blacks of their failure to govern themselves and very been throwing spanners at every given opportunity to justify their meddlesome behaviour and why they colonized Africa in the first place.

And the aid that they are getting from some among the African opposition political parties is making easy their way back into their former colonies from where they plunder resources and milk dry the African economies.

In Zimbabwe, the country has been battling with sanctions imposed by the same Western countries after an invitation by the opposition in its regime change agenda that is pushed from Washington and London.

As if that is not enough, leaders of the opposition have unashamedly exposed not only their lack of political depth but their desperation to rule by both hook and crook.

They have shown that they are helter-skelter creatures who are anti-Zimbabwe and whose obsession with power and money keeps them at the poisoned imperialistic feeding troughs.

Examples are plenty where opposition political parties have shown that they are proxies of the West and they have also done little to hide.

They have been reckless about it in various for a with the recent incident where CCC leader Adv Nelson Chamisa openly said he had been to Denmark, UK and Germany providing both incitement and excitement for the countries to tighten screws on Zimbabwe.

Such an admission of the mercenary mentality where one goes on a mission to demonise the country so that they get power should never go on without exposure as it is not only dangerous but unpatriotic and a bold sign that he is not himself but an agent of imperialism.

The idea is to impoverish the country so as to pile pressure on the citizens against the leaders which is an old trick that was inherited from the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai when he made the famous statement promising the people of Zimbabwe that more poverty was coming.

The late Mr Morgan Tsvangirai

“Murikuti muri kushaiwa, muchashaiwisisa (you are saying you are lacking; you will lack even more),” said Tsvangirai sometime ago as he put pressure through impoverishing citizens to buckle the power of Zanu-PF.

While one would expect a real democracy to function on the basis of ideas for development that better the lives of people, unity and peace, opposition politics in Zimbabwe rides on anti-Zimbabwe narratives and discourses that are far from pushing a pan-African agenda.

They are not grounded in providing home-grown solutions to the country’s problems but they import both ideologies and solutions from their masters in the West – the self-proclaimed ancestors of democracy and human rights who have been found guilty of flouting those principles and engage in anarchy when it suits them.

We submit here and now that opposition politicians should carry the country’s banner with a sense of pride guided by their deep knowledge of the country’s history.

The mercenary mentality and the nauseating obsession with foreign intervention in the country’s politics in exchange for money and power should not be tolerated but should be condemned by all right-thinking Zimbabweans.

President Mnangagwa

We applaud the President for encouraging home-grown solutions to the country’s problems when he philosophized “Ilizwe lakhiwa ngabaninilo.”

All Zimbabweans should put their hands on the deck in the reconstruction of this great country without inviting the plundering west to meddle in the country’s politics.

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