Dance is art: Megatronz Empire

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Dance is art: Megatronz Empire (From left): Uncle Stunna, Robyn Chirisah, Mandisa Maseko and Junior

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Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Correspondent

MEGATRONZ Empire, a 10-year-old dance group, has proved that dance is a fully-fledged art form that transmits culture, emotions and tells stories.

The six-member group has made its name hence it is being invited to perform at major events such as awards presentation ceremonies.

In an interview, Megatronz Empire group member, Manubukhosi Masinge popularly known by the stage name Uncle Stunna, said their group has survived the test of time.

Megatronz Empire

“Megatronz Empire is a diverse group of people which consists of two girls and four boys. It started back in 2012. It was started by Robyn Chirisah who was inspired by his brother who was also a dancer. Since its establishment, we have been introducing new ideas to push our craft as a crew and to grow ourselves as well. Our hunger for success as individuals pushes us to go big every day and we also want to inspire other people as well through our dance,” he said.

Uncle Stunna said the group uses dance to express itself while at the same time entertaining people.

“We have grown so much as a group such that we are now a family,” he said.

Uncle Stunna said their main goal is to nurture their brand and penetrate the international market.

“Megatronz has performed at major events like the Gemma Griffiths gig, Blaq diamond gig that took place at the Boundary Bulawayo. We also took part in the Young Stunna event that took place at BAC and we have taken part in the World Dance qualifiers in South Africa and also in the Global Dance Supreme also in South Africa,” he said.

Blaq Diamond

Uncle Stunna said the group also performed at The Dream Star in Harare and the Boppers festival also in the capital.

“ We are inspired by artistes who push their craft such as Young Stunna from South Africa and King 98 from Harare,” he said.

Uncle Stunna said they use social media platforms to adopt ideas from other people as well as to market themselves.

King 98

“We use our social media platform to get inspiration into bringing out new concepts. This is because we have made it a goal to evolve our moves with time so that they don’t get boring. 

“We also upload videos online as a way to market the group. Our main goal is to use the art of dance to tell stories and give the audience a well-choreographed performance,” he said. – @SeehYvonne.

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