Dealing with a feeling at the time you are feeling it: “link-it direct to God method.”

When is the best time to deal with anger? Never pray for anger when you are not angry, it does not help. You pray for anger when you are feeling angry.

You go to another room and say, “you spirit of anger, I now command you out of my body, Lord help me and heal me in Jesus name.” That is how you deal with negative emotions. Before I was born again I used to have a lot of anger. I had so many names that were associated with anger. I grew up in the ghetto and I did karate up to black belt to defend myself.

If I wanted to fight physically people will be shocked at how I can fight and bring a big man down.

People in Mabvuku, Chizhanje knew me. When provoked, in no time I would be upon my opponent. After dealing with them, I would walk away saying, “don’t do it again.” I would look at the teacher after being beaten and ask, “Have you finished?” But when I came to Christ I started dealing with the emotion of anger.

Whenever I felt angry I would expose it to the anointing right there and then, you deal with the feeling when it is raging. That is how I dealt with anger. Right now I am tough and firm in my spiritual stance. I stand on the Word of God and I am disciplined in all things I believe in. No one will ever hear that I have burst out in anger in front of people.

There are Pastors and other leaders who have bursts of anger in front of people, they are emotionally unstable. This is how respect is lost. Any leader who behaves in this manner in front of people loses the respect of people.

I can look at a person that does me wrong and genuinely smile at them with a long-suffering and loving heart. I am patient with people, but I was not always like this. Deal with anger, deal with it when it is raging, and link it direct to God. You can have a soft pliable heart that anger can go and never return. Some of you are like wild beasts when you are angered. You charge like an elephant making noise and running.
God Bless…
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