Europe Film Fest announces 2023 finalists for Bioskop short film contest Gilmore Tee

Mthabisi Tshuma, [email protected]

THE European Film Festival Zimbabwe has unveiled the finalists for the highly anticipated Bioskop short film contest.

55 submissions were received this year marking a significant increase from the previous year, highlighting the growing interest and enthusiasm within the Zimbabwean film industry.

According to the organisers, one of the most exciting developments this year has been the increased participation of female producers and directors, showcasing the diverse talents within the industry and promoting gender equality in filmmaking.

While the competition is open to Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe, across Africa, and Europe, organisers say there were thrilled to receive submissions from Zimbabweans residing in Asia and America, underscoring the global reach and appeal of the Bioskop Short Film Contest.

This year’s festival will run in Harare at Mbare Art Space ON October 20 to 22 then in Bulawayo at Ster-Kinekor Zimbabwe from October 26 to 28.

The winners of this year’s competition will be announced during exclusive cocktail events in Harare on October 20 and Bulawayo on October 26 respectively.

The winning film will be screened during these events.

European Film Festival Zimbabwe coordinator Gilmore Tee said there are happy with the increase of submissions.

“We are extremely excited about the increase in submissions this year. The Bioskop Short Film Competition is one of the most intriguing programmes we have with the European Film Festival Zimbabwe.

“We get to get an insight into Zimbabwean lives through film, and we need to applaud the Zimbabwean filmmakers for such an outstanding job in telling our stories as a people. Congratulations to all shortlisted films,” said Gilmore Tee.

A member of the Bioskop Jury for 2023 Prosper Kunyetu said the entries really met the requirements.

“I was honoured to be invited to serve as a judge for the 2023 Bioskop short film competition. As a past participant and award winner, I had high expectations for the submissions, and I was not disappointed. The films were diverse in genre and style, and they represented a wide range of perspectives and voices.

“I was particularly pleased to see a significant increase in participation by women directors this year. While the quality of the films varied, I was impressed by the overall creativity and passion of the filmmakers. There were many outstanding films, and the jury found it difficult to choose the nominees. I would like to commend all of the filmmakers who submitted their films to the competition. Your work is an inspiration, and I look forward to seeing what you create in the future,” said Kunyetu.

The European Film Festival Zimbabwe 2023 Bioskop Short Film Contest promises to be a celebration of creativity and talent, showcasing the best of Zimbabwean and international filmmaking. We eagerly anticipate the announcement of the winners and the opportunity to witness the remarkable stories they have crafted on the big screen.

The European Film Festival Zimbabwe is an annual event that brings together filmmakers, cinephiles, and audiences to celebrate the art of European cinema. Through film screenings, workshops, and discussions, the festival promotes cultural exchange and appreciation of diverse cinematic traditions.

Bioskop Short Film Contest is a significant component of the festival, providing a platform for emerging talent in Zimbabwean filmmaking.



  1. Daughter of the Soil
  2. My Name is My Name
  3. Mann Friday – Fight for Me


  1. Daughter of the Soil
  2. Ruka
  3. Mann Friday – Fight for Me



  1. My Name is My Name
  2. Daughter of the Soil
  3. Action Raj


  1. Stella Chiweshe Interview
  2. Create Zim – Art Across Cities
  3. My Name is Patience



  1. Becoming Who I Am
  2. Matter More For Sis
  3. Enigma Gems




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