Green Fuel in talks to increase ethanol ratio

The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority early this month announced a 30 percent hike in fuel prices meant to cover the rising costs of importing the commodity.
In South Africa, the Energy Department recently announced a 23 percent hike in fuel prices, shocking the petrol consumer with a R10, 77 cents per litre (US$1,35).
Meanwhile, Ms Muungani said the Chisumbanje Community Irrigation scheme was a social responsibility programme set to develop irrigation in the region.

“Over 600 households from Chisumbanje and Chinyamukwakwa will this year be relieved of the frustrations of dry land farming in the arid lowveld corner of Chipinge south,” she said.
“Parallel to the launch of Green Fuel’s Blend on the market early this month is a social responsibility programme roll out anchored in irrigation development for the Chisumbanje farmers who were previously using land earmarked for commercial development.”

Ms Muungani said through the Joint Ethanol Project Advisory Committee, over 500 households have been moved into irrigation plots at Chisumbanje and part of Chinyamukwakwa.
Green Fuel is producing new generation anhydrous ethanol using the latest technology from Brazil at its Chisumbanje plant in Chipinge.
The type of ethanol is dry, does not contain water and blends easily with petroleum. —New Ziana.

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