How to Find a Life Partner Part II

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How to Find a Life Partner Part II

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(after you pray, watch and search)
Gravitate towards the one that you love

1 Corinthians 13:13
And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.(NKJV)

Consider love above all just as the Bible tells us. If a brother comes and is persistently telling you that he loves you and wants to marry you, yet you do not love him, do not enter into that relationship no matter how persistent he is. That marriage will not work because you are merely pitying him, you have to tell him the truth.

It must be understood that love is not a feeling but a principle. Do not marry a person you do not love thinking that once in marriage your love may develop for your partner.

Please take note that you do not love by faith but you love by the emotion that emanates from your heart of hearts. In marriage, faith and hope are weak but love is the greatest so you must ascertain if your heart loves that person.

Not only physical beauty but inner beauty is essential to develop a healthy relationship. Do not consider whether a brother is romantic or not because love is not founded on romance. One can be romantic for two years and then change and be romantic to other people.

The key element must be love because even a brother who is not romantic today can be taught how to be romantic.

Most young people are focused on social sites, and the internet is the new gospel. Misleading information is thrown by random people on relationships and how to get a partner but I urge you sons and daughters, to let the Word be your measuring line and guiding light.

Some are under tremendous peer pressure at school to gravitate towards a person out of fear of being labelled “foolish” If your time has not yet come God will be protecting you, so be bold and tell them to continue with what they are doing but you will remain single and choose to be uncommon and unusual.

God Bless! [email protected]

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