Hwinza, Hwindi President head to Beitbridge Hwinza and Hwindi President

Mthabisi Tshuma,[email protected]

ZIMDANCEHALL chanters Hwinza and Hwindi President will tonight get the opportunity to perform for their fans and followers in the border town of Beitbridge.

The duo will stage their acts at Pagomba Cafe where they will be supported by local deejays. The wheel spinners are DJ Keitho, DJ Dragie, DJ Vic Gee and MC Kay One.

One of the show organisers DJ Keitho said the Zimdancehall genre has turned out to be a favourite for their local revellers hence the selection of the lineup.

“Over the months we started to run Pagomba Cafe we have realised how our patrons like Zimdancehall and this is the reason we have been consistent with these gigs and we promise more fireworks,” said DJ Keitho.@mthabisi_mthire

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