Jumpsuits are not for everyone . . .

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Jumpsuits are not for everyone . . .

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Yoliswa Dube-Moyo

Jumpsuits remain a summer favourite for many. The trend has been on the market for a while and it seems it’s not going anywhere any time soon. For some reason, I’ve never really been a fan of jumpsuits. They’re just one fashion trend I never cared much for. That and my mkhaba-nyana that won’t let me live!

I don’t really like how a jumpsuit doesn’t give you much room to flaunt a perfect silhouette considering there’re a few flabs I’d rather hide.

You’ve got to have a body that looks something close to Boity Thulo or Pokello Nare to pull off a jumpsuit. I’m not quite there yet. Probably a bit of exercise or a Banting diet could do the trick! Anyway, I don’t think jumpsuits are for everyone.

I see the Sissy Boy jumpsuit range keeps growing rapidly, incorporating stretch denim and leatherette jumpsuits. It’s tempting. The Khosi Nkosi brand is making them in spandex with African print material trimmings. They’re gorgeous. But tempting as it may be, they’re great to look at on size 8 girls and flat tummied chiccas. I can’t say the same if you’re one of those gifted women.

Bootilicious, sexy boobs and shapely hips may just look a little vulgar in a jumpsuit — especially if the jumpsuit is made from spandex or thin material. I really don’t think we should be seeing all your body’s lumps and bumps. We aren’t showing off our cellulite, why should you! Of course, this doesn’t really deter some. You’ll still find plus size women in jumpsuits. Their backside protruding from one end and the boobs spilling over on the other end.

And if they don’t quite have a flat tummy — disaster! It’s just too much to look at when you’re plus sized and are wrapped up in a jumpsuit. To me, all grace and class is lost. Being proud of your body size doesn’t mean you’re confident enough to wear whatever you want.

It simply means you appreciate your body size and know exactly what would look good on it. They’re countless fashion trends out there, the jumpsuit one just might not be for you. But, if you insist this is your thing. If from the bottom of your heart you feel you can’t sleep well at night without knowing you own a jumpsuit or two, at least think carefully about the jumpsuits you go for.

Firstly, think about the fabric of the jumpsuit. It shouldn’t be too thin to a point where it shows us all the crevices on your body. Go for a thicker material like cotton. This will smooth everything out. Alternatively, invest in seamless tights or tummy trainers. These will help create a flawless silhouette.

Boity Thulo

If you’re a little on the chubby side, avoid jumpsuits with pockets or pleats on the front. You want to go for something that’s easy on the eye. The less the detail; the better. You’ll obviously need a jumpsuit with a zip on the side and not the back. Imagine how much of a bother you’d be to others whenever you need to wear or remove your jumpsuit.

You really can’t be enslaved by a piece of clothing in that manner. If your jumpsuit is too long for one reason or the other, please make an effort to get a tailor to size it for you and sew on a neat hem. Nothing irritates me like pants that gather at the ankles.

If you’re not going to turn them up or in, chop the extra fabric off! Besides, when your hems are perfectly fitted, your shoes have the opportunity to shine.

It would be such a pity wearing a pretty pair of shoes and have them hidden by excess fabric. It would be really sad.

If it helps, there’s absolutely no harm in pairing your jumpsuit with a blazer. A blazer always gives a sleek finish to any look.

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