Lady Stanley burial on Saturday for Cuthbert Chiromo The late Cuthbert Chiromo

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Reporter

Education and sports doyen, Cuthbert Chiromo, who died last Friday aged 75, will be laid to rest at Lady Stanley Cemetery on Saturday.

Tomorrow, there will be a ceremony at 5:30pm at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre that will be open to the public to celebrate the life of the former Founders High School, Mzilikazi High School and St Thomas Aquinas Primary School headmaster.

His second-born child and family spokesperson, Ms Marianne Chiromo said a funeral service will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Kumalo suburb on Saturday morning before his body is taken to his final resting place at Lady Stanley Cemetery.

The criterion for someone to be buried at Lady Stanley Cemetery is that the person must have made an outstanding contribution to the well-being of the Bulawayo community as a whole in one or more of the fields of social activities, civic matters, education, religious leadership, business leadership, sport, charity, journalism, outstanding donations (in kind or cash) outstanding trade unionism leadership, invention which benefited the community as a whole and any other outstanding contribution as may be deemed appropriate from time to time.

Describing her father, Ms Chiromo said he was fiercely protective of those he loved.

“There was no bigger champion and cheerleader for his kids and grandkids, and he absolutely adored his vazukuru, spending so much time playing or WhatsApping them. The role of confidante was shared with his best friend, my mum, who had the most loving, respectful and humour-filled adventure with the man she calls her best friend. She was the centre of his universe and he loved her loudly and proudly, something we all saw our entire lives growing up. They were a unit, a team, a dream team built on the most romantic and beautiful love which never faded,” said Ms Chiromo, a practicing lawyer in the United Kingdom.

Although he also headed Founders High School, the late Chiromo who was a devout Catholic will mainly be remembered for his nearly two decades stay at Mzilikazi High School, an institution he joined in 1985 and stayed at until 2002 when he left to head St Thomas Aquinas primary School. 

Mzilikazi High School produced many legal brains of repute, doctors, engineers and sports persons that went on to reach legendary status on the local and international stage.

The poster boy of his many sports stars is undoubtedly Peter Ndlovu. 

It was also during his time that Mzilikazi High School bossed all secondary schools in the country by winning a record four Copa Coca-Cola titles between 1989 and 2001.

Chiromo left behind his wife, Mrs Sue Chiromo whom he married in 1975, four children, three daughters — Mirrian, Marianne and Maureen — as well as son Munyaradzi. – @skhumoyo2000

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