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Tafadzwa Chibukwa – [email protected]

THE holy scriptures say blessed is the hand that gives than the hand that receives. Linking with the scriptures, society says a generous person lives longer than one who does not appreciate.

Living virtuously guided by the scriptures, culture and tradition, people have always related to societal teachings differently.

As people who follow cultural teachings, Family Amusement Park, the proprietors of Luna Park saw it worthy to extend their gratitude towards the people of Bulawayo for their hospitality during their stay in the City of Kings and Queens.

Pictures for Luna Park

Having had to camp in Bulawayo for the last six to seven months, Luna Park is finally departing Bulawayo.

Luna Park is the only mobile leisure-ride centre in Zimbabwe and the operators move to new places seasonally.

They had committed to providing their services to Bulawayo since the Christmas period at the open space at the corner of Masotsha Ndlovu Avenue and Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street.

Established in the 1970s, the Luna Park has always been a favourite for many – from children to adults. With joy rides like jets, the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster, the Luna Park is definitely the go-to place for the whole family.

It is mostly popular during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) period in April.

In an interview with Chronicle, Family Amusement Park managing director, Mr Witness Chihota said they would not have left without bidding farewell.

He said after taking time away from their families, and camping in Bulawayo for over six months, they were treated warmly as though they were family.

“We would like to extend our profound gratitude to the people of Bulawayo for their generosity and for treating us well in their home. Never was there a day where we complained or were mistreated by the locals since we came last year. All has been going well as if we are part of the people.

“Not only were we treated well but we have learnt a few things from the people of Bulawayo.

We have learnt a lot about the people as well as their lifestyle.

At first when I came to Bulawayo I could not speak Ndebele but I have managed to pick some of the words bit by bit and now I can speak well,” said Mr Chihota.

Pictures for Luna Park

He said words cannot express their gratitude for the support rendered to their business.

“We are departing on the 4th of June. We are taking this time to cater for all those who could not get the chance to come and enjoy the rides in the past few months. Also, those that have tickets that they have not used are more than welcome to come,” said Mr Chihota. — @Sagepapie14

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