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Cases of murder seem to be on the rise, as two men in Gweru beat up, stabbed and stoned another during an argument at a tuck shop.

According to the Police Twitter page, details in Gweru have arrested Mpilwenzima Ndlovu (26), Mehluli Ndlovu (36) and Zamani Ndlovu (40) in connection with a case of murder which occurred on 04/06/23 at a tuckshop at Ruby 26.

“The suspects took turns to attack the victim, Proud Ndlovu (31) with fists, a homemade knife and a concrete brick after an argument.

“The victim was found dead behind the tuckshop. Mpilwenzima Ndlovu had reprimanded the victim for calling him, “his brother in law”, since he had a child with the victim’s sister,” posted the Police.

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