Matongorere, Dlamini-Moyo win against Zifa

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Matongorere, Dlamini-Moyo win against Zifa

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Nelson Matongorere

Lovemore Dube Senior Sports Editor
ZIFA’S woes are mounting after they lost two cases involving the dismissal of two employees, former technical director Nelson Matongorere and spokesperson Nicky Dlamini-Moyo.Zifa lawyer Ralph Maganga, confirmed yesterday in a text message that they had lost both cases.  Zifa have appealed and both cases are pending before the Labour Court after the ruling delivered last week.

Dlamini-Moyo was fired in 2012 on allegations of leaking information to some former employees and the media. Zifa were not happy with the fact that some confidential information had found itself into the hands of some former workers who were alleged to have been involved in the the Asiagate scandal.

And also a Zifa password was found in the wrong hands resulting in some confidential information from Fifa about Asiagate being known by some sections of the media.

Matongorere was accused of voting for the World Player of the Year in 2012 when players and coaches were supposed to vote.

Zifa argued that such actions had brought the game of football into disrepute.

The national association replaced Dlamini-Moyo with Xolisani Gwesela last year.

When contacted for comment Gwesela referred Chronicle to Maganga.

Matongorere’s job was given to former Buymore and Caps FC coach Maxwell Takaendesa Jongwe.

With Matongorere and Dlamini-Moyo reinstated, this could pose headaches for Zifa who already have a bloated staff complement.

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