Ndolwane leader Martin Sibanda announces new appointments

07 Aug, 2020 - 00:08 0 Views
Ndolwane leader Martin Sibanda announces new appointments Martin “The Big Boss” Sibanda

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Joel Tsvakwi, Showbiz Correspondent
SOUTH Africa-based Martin “The Big Boss” Sibanda, leader of popular Rhumba group, Ndolwane Super Sounds has introduced a new management team as part of a rebranding strategy in which he is eyeing to take his band to dizzy heights internationally.

The Amajongosi leader, in a video that is trending on Facebook, spelled out his mantra which he dubbed #Proudly African, Working for and with Proud Africans#.

He said the group that is originally from Ndolwane in Bulilima, Matabeleland South, has added talented personnel from South Africa as part of efforts to strengthen the group’s operations as they embark on a journey to penetrate international markets.

“I’ve made adjustments to my management team and as of now onwards, I’ll be working with South Africans so as to create oneness in Africa. I’ve been working with two managers – Denzel Dube for South African projects and Thandazani Nyoni for Zimbabwean projects.

“As I was observing the operations, I realised that we now need to expand and be visible across borders hence the decision to change management and add people who would take the band further.

“This is why I’ve put a new manager – Lucky Moyo from Zimbabwe who’ll be taking over from Dube. Lucky is knowledgeable and good at managing artistes so he’ll be taking care of affairs in Zimbabwe. Don’t be surprised and think Dube has been axed, he is ageing now and has suggested that a younger person, who he will mentor, takes over,” The Big Boss said.

“South African, Silas Raseruthe has been roped in as road manager. He will be taking the lead in ensuring places the band is invited to perform at are safe. If not, I will not travel, simple as that. He is very energetic and intelligent.

“Prince Makgatho has been appointed for digital marketing and graphic designing. The digital world needs a very talented person who is knowledgeable about graphic design so Prince is good at this. He will take care of all my pages, Facebook, Instagram etc.

“I am also gender sensitive so I’ve added a young intelligent lady by the name Ntombi Binali from Zimbabwe who will be my personal advisor,” added The Big Boss.

He urged locals to embrace Prince and Silas.

“We are all Africans at the end. I don’t want to hear people saying this one is from here, this one there. Let’s embrace each other as we embark on this journey of taking the band to dizzy heights internationally. You will soon see these people hard at work.”

Thandazani Nyoni, The Big Boss said is now the marketing director in Zimbabwe.

The Big Boss said he is confident the new team will catapult him onto the international scene.

Taking the Ndolwane/Rhumba sound to the world has been The Big Boss’s aim for a long time. “Let’s challenge the world by strengthening ourselves through oneness. This is why I had to include fellow young South Africans to help realise this dream,” he said.

However, the artiste is known for taking rather too long to release albums with fans likely to get their next treat in 2022, something he must address if he is to penetrate the international scene. He dropped his Konke Sizokulungisa album in 2017 after a five-year hiatus from Abakhuzeni in 2012.

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