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It is scientifically proven that women possess powerful intuition towards spiritual things. They are able to grasp concepts and things in the spirit quicker than men because their functional mechanism is more aligned and inclined toward the emotional side of the human soul. 

During the course of the week I am going to share eleven points on how to handle a powerful woman in marriage. Many people think it’s very difficult to handle a powerful woman in marriage, in terms of money, social influence and spiritual giftings. 

Marriage is not all about your financial status. It is about commitment and relationship. The following points will help men handle a powerful woman in marriage. I think many people in Israel also wondered how Mr Lapidoth was able to handle his wife Deborah, a woman who had led the whole nation of Israel. 

1. Men need to recognise that their wives are gifts from God. A man that is married to a powerful woman must first recognise the God given gift within her and understand that the gifting in his wife comes from the King of all Kings; Jesus Christ. Hence he must honour God and be very thankful for the privilege to be married to such a rare diamond. 

2. Support your wife at all times. The man with a wife like “Deborah” in his life must support his wife after recognising and appreciating the gift from God in her. A man with wisdom will begin to invest in such a woman’s life, making sure that he encourages her and uplifts her. He will appreciate her so that she excels in the area of her gifting. He must employ himself wisely as the manager of his wife’s resources and guard them jealously. Women can be very fruitful if given support by their loved ones, especially their other half.

3. Complement each other. Many men these days are competing with their wives and have tarnished their relationship and broken their trust toward each other. A wise man will give his wife a chance to flourish in life and groom her and give her space to develop her gift. 

God Bless . . . 

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