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4. Love and respect your wife.

If a man discovers that he is married to a powerful woman then he should desire to love her even more.

A woman easily submits to a man that loves her and makes sacrifices for her.

A strong man knows who he is in Christ and he loves his wife dearly even though she may be powerful and at a higher level of education.

A wife that is loved, appreciated, respected and protected will be submissive and compliant under her husband without any problem.

In some cases a woman that is not powerfully gifted will have difficulties submitting to their husband anyway, because of how they are treated by him.

5. Separate marital and professional issues.

A foolish man will mix and confuse the wife’s marital position with her professional one.

A man must understand that just because he is married to a powerful spiritual woman does not mean that she is the head of the home.

A woman might have a powerful position in the secular world but that does not mean that she is the head of the home.

She is the “boss” at work but a wife at home.

You do not need to remind her of that because then it is a clear sign that you are inferior and challenged by her position.

6. Take responsibility.

A woman may be powerful at work and her work mates might bow down to her but she needs to know how to switch her roles when she gets home to be a wife and to respect the head.

Hence the husband must secure his inner spirit and not force the wife to submit to him because that will be violation of the God given principle of freewill submission.

In return she will rebel because no human wants to be controlled.

7. Enjoy her benefits. If your wife earns more money than you, you must be free to spend that money because it is also yours.

Do not develop an inferiority complex.

You are one in a marriage.

Thank God for it and enjoy it in the name of the Lord.

God Bless . . .

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