On the spotlight: Daphne Moyo, the events manager Daphne Moyo

Daphne Moyo is not just an ordinary events manager. She is also the founder of Nova Group of Companies, a clothing designer, and a philanthropist.

 Her passion for events and her generosity have made a positive difference in her community. In this interview with DJ Prince Eskhosini, she shares her story, her challenges, and her goals.

Q: When and where exactly in Bulawayo were you born and bred?

A: I was born and bred in Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe. I grew up in the suburb of Barbourfields, where l attended Mzilikazi High School and later Midlands State University (MSU).

Q: What inspired you to be an events manager?

A: l have always loved organising and hosting events, whether it was a birthday party, a graduation ceremony, or a cultural festival. I was inspired by the joy and the excitement that events bring to people, as well as the opportunity to showcase the rich and diverse culture of Zimbabwe.

Nova Group of Companies began operating in 2019 with Nova Boutique being the first baby while Nova Events joined the fray in 2021 and caters for all types of events.

Q: What have been some of your challenges in this trade?

A: Some of the challenges l have faced in the industry include the lack of adequate funding, the high competition and the unpredictable weather. However, I have learnt to overcome these challenges by being creative, resilient, and adaptable.

Q: How critical is it for business people to be involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or philanthropy?

A: My favourite quote when it comes to philanthropy is, “You are never less than what you give.” I believe that business people have a moral and social responsibility to be involved in philanthropy. Philanthropy not only benefits the recipients but also the donors as it enhances their reputation, builds trust and creates positive impact. Philanthropy also contributes to the development and well-being of the society, especially in times of crisis and need.

Q: You are also involved in the clothing sector, how has it been balancing all these things in your portfolio?

A: l am also involved in the clothing industry as l have a passion for fashion and design. I have a clothing line called ‘Nova Boutique’ which offers affordable and trendy clothes for everyone. Balancing all these balls in my courts has not been easy, but l have managed to do so by prioritising, delegating and collaborating with others.

Q: From a Politics and Public Management Degree to events management, take us through the transition.

A: l studied Politics and Public Management at Midlands State University where l graduated with an Honours Degree in 2015. I chose this field because I wanted to understand how the government and public institutions work and how they affect the lives of citizens. After graduating, l worked as an intern at Grassroots Soccer Zimbabwe a non-governmental organisation that uses soccer to educate and empower young people on health and social issues.

This experience exposed me to the world of events management as l was involved in planning and executing various events such as soccer tournaments, workshops and campaigns under Programs Department. 

I realised that l enjoyed and excelled in this field and decided to pursue it as a career. 

I also worked at Bookrite Marketing where l gained valuable experience and networked with various stakeholders as l worked as a Marketer and Administrator. I then started my own events company called Nova Events which specialises in corporate, social and cultural events.

Q: What are your short and long term goals?

A: My short term goal is to expand my events company, to diversify my services and to increase my clientele. 

I also want to improve my skills and knowledge in events management by attending networking workshops, seminars and online courses.

My long-term goals are to establish myself as a reputable and influential events manager in Zimbabwe and beyond, to create employment opportunities for others and to give back to the community through philanthropic activities.

Nova Events has in the past donated football jerseys to Mzilikazi High School’s girls team and also donated football jackets to SOS children’s home in 2020, a feat meant to push grassroots football.

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