Palace Hotel denies claims of uncleanliness and immorality

Mthabisi Tshuma, [email protected]

PALACE Hotel, a tourism and hospitality player in the City of Kings and Queens, has dismissed allegations of uncleanliness made by a social media user. The user, Witness Tavarwisa, posted on Facebook that the hotel’s revellers were unclean and immoral, and that they turned Jason Moyo Street into a cesspool.

“Got a complaint from a friend who was doing his rounds in town last week. Below is his concern – Palace hotel revellers turn Jason Moyo street into a cesspool. Puddles of urine and stench are now synonymous with Jason Moyo street between 10 and 11 Avenue as palace hotel patrons use the street to relieve their bowels some even doing their no 2 on the street.


“This has raised the ire of business who share the street with palace hotel including a bank and churches,” he wrote.

However, Palace Hotel proprietor Tapiwa ‘Gandz’ Gandiwa said the claims were false and malicious, and that his hotel was one of the most booked in the city because of its cleanliness and quality service.

“We have seen elements who are trying to pull us down through badmouthing us with fake facts. For the record, we have security personnel in the day and night who make sure that the place is squeaky clean, there are no acts of violence and security of our revellers and their properties.

“We are proud to be one of the most booked hotels in the city because of our food service, cleanliness and tourism touch as we pride of being a building that Queen Elizabeth once slept in when he visited the country,” she said.



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