Pastor Barak to release new single on Africa Day Pastor Barak

Mthabisi Tshuma, [email protected]

PASTOR Barak is in studio fine tuning his latest project, a single titled “Hlala la”. The track will be released on 25 May, Africa Day.

The track’s release comes by public demand, as his fans expected it to be part of the Bayethe album.

Pastor Barak said that the upcoming single will focus on remaining in the Lord during sweet and bitter moments.

“Hlala la is a song which will strengthen believers to hold on to their faith in good and bad times. People usually change their confessions when things go wrong in their lives. This is a track which my music followers have been anticipating for a while. I will officially launch it live at a venue to be announced,” he said.

He also said that the song tackles the theme of hatred.

“In the track I urge other artistes not to judge their potential due to sabotage and resistance they may get from the market. Most people will not just like you or your music not that you are bad. Always know that some people have a tendency of judging you by the type of ear they use to listen to your stuff.

“There’s an ear of hatred, criticisms and an ear of appreciation. Just try by all means to create a brand that no one will resist. Package yourself well and set a good standard before the world. Keep pushing your music and improving yourself until everyone appreciates you. Above all, ask God to give you a proper direction in understanding whether you are a musician or praise worshipper.”


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