Plumtree Town Council in mass Rabies Vaccination Programme for dogs and cats

Online Writer

PLUMTREE Town Council, in collaboration with the department of Veterinary Services, has announced a mass rabies vaccination programme for dogs and cats in and around Plumtree Town.

The programme is scheduled to take place on 16 April 2024 and aims to combat the serious and potentially fatal disease that can be transmitted to humans.

All dogs, cats, and other domestic animals above the age of three months are eligible for vaccination. The programme will be conducted at various venues and times throughout the day to ensure accessibility for pet owners. The designated venues include Dingumuzi Rank, Mathendele Complex, Maweni Shops, George Silundika Shops, near Radio Bukalanga (Council Club), and the Department of Veterinary District Offices.

A fee of US$1 or R20 will be charged for each vaccination. It is important to note that any animals found unvaccinated and straying after 17 April 2024 will be shot, as per the notice issued by the Office of the Town Secretary.

The mass Rabies vaccination programme demonstrates the town council’s commitment to public health and animal welfare.

By providing accessible and affordable vaccinations, Plumtree aims to protect both the human and animal populations from the risks associated with Rabies.

Pet owners are encouraged to take advantage of the initiative to ensure the well-being of their beloved animals and the community at large.



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