Power cuts cripple Sino-Zim operations

08 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views
Power cuts cripple Sino-Zim operations Sino Zimbabwe

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GWERU-based Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Company (SZCC) has said it will not be able to produce adequate cement for its customers for the whole of October due to planned power cuts by the power utility, Zesa.

In a notice on Friday the company said it had been officially advised by Zesa of the planned interruption of supplies “in the whole month of October” to allow the power utility to carry out maintenance work on its 88kv Sherwood-Mvuma feeder, which supplies power to SZCC.

“Zesa will be cutting power supplies to SZCC for two days a week for the whole of October.

“These power supply interruptions will affect the production of cement at SZCC as well as all other processes that depend on power supply for their running.

“Without regular supply of electricity,SZCC is unable to produce and mill adequate cement for its customers,” said the company.

SZCC has since advised its stakeholders that during the interruption period, dispatching of orders will be subject to delays as a result of the power cuts.
Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Company, however, said it was committed to operating full capacity and supplying quality products to the market in line with Government’s thrust to increase productivity.

“SZCC sincerely regrets the impact that these power supply interruptions are having and would like to encourage its customers and other stakeholders to be patient during this period,” said the firm.

Comment could not be obtained from Zesa.

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