Praise poet Zulu ready to thrill masses Zulu Mpofu
Zulu Mpofu

Zulu Mpofu

Showbiz Reporter
A PRAISE poet (Imbongi) from Esigodini, Zulu Mpofu, says he is ready to mesmerise masses that will gather at the 21st February Movement Celebrations at the Rhodes Estate Preparatory School (Reps) in Matobo later this month.

Thousands of youths and the young at heart are expected to throng the venue to celebrate the birthday of President Mugabe through song and dance in Matabeleland South province.

As part of the entertainment, the 38-year-old Imbongi said he would share a poem about leadership.

“The poem I have in store for people is called Ngixoleleni Ngixole, which talks about leadership, how it is something that is God given. I want people to enjoy my poetry and at the same time be educated on the day,” said Mpofu.

He said before the end of the year, he wanted to concentrate on teaching children how to perform traditional dances in schools.

“This is the first one of my last performances as an Imbongi. At the end of the year I want to retire and concentrate on being a resource person at schools under the new education curriculum. So I want to make a statement to the masses and the powers that be,” said Mpofu.

“I’ve been an Imbongi since 1997 operating in my province. At major national events I always feature and do my best and this one is no different.”

He said apart from doing performances and getting paid for them, he also wanted to start recording DVDs he would sell.

“DVDs are very important in preserving my legacy as an Imbongi. So I’m collecting and recording footage of my performances that will be edited, packaged and sold to people during the course of this year,” said Mpofu.

Zanu-PF National Youth League secretary, Kudzai Chipanga, last week urged organisers of the fete to prioritise artistes from Matabeleland South.

Among the top acts from the province are Jeys Marabini who hails from Filabusi, Plumtree’s Martin Sibanda and Ndolwane Super Sounds, Clement Magwaza, Allen Ndoda and the Challengers and Gwanda’s Madlela S’khobokhobo.

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