Prospect Resources discovers new high value mineral

13 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views
Prospect Resources discovers new high value mineral

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LITHIUM developer, Prospect Resources, says it has discovered “significant” deposits of another rare earth mineral, caesium, at its Arcadia Lithium project, which is presently under development.

As part of developing Arcadia lithium project, Prospect last year signed a power agreement with African Continental Minerals (ACM) for the supply of up to 20MW of electricity at the mine.

In a statement, the mining group said the discovered caesium deposits are of high value. “The company is pleased to announce the presence of significant caesium concentrations in soil, from a number of satellite bodies to Arcadia, notably the Shabaash.

“The identified caesium occurs within pollucite, a high value rare caesium mineral that forms in extremely differentiated Lithium-caesium-Tantalum (“LCT”) pegmatite systems,” it said.

The mining concern noted that the global supply of caesium is very constrained.

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