Songstress will burn in hell, says prophet Prophet Talent Madungwe

Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter

REMNANT Desire of All Nations Ministries Prophet Talent Madungwe says the likes of singer Vimbai Zimuto and raunchy dancers, Bev and Zodwa Wabantu are agents of the kingdom of darkness and will burn in hell.

Prophet Madungwe became popular after his claims that he is the deputy of the heavenly army who regularly visits heaven in spirit. He went on to state that musicians Oliver Mtukudzi and Tongai Moyo were given an automatic entry into heaven.

The Harare-based 32-year-old prophet also trended online recently when he said he was not shocked by South Africa-based Pastor Lukau’s resurrection miracle as they (heavenly army) often bring back dead people to earth.

“These women (Vimbai, Bev and Zodwa) are agents of the kingdom of darkness. Their mission is to promote prostitution, adultery, destroy marriages and lead men astray,” said Madungwe in an interview.

“They have a place prepared for them in hell.”

The self-proclaimed deputy of the heaven army said he does not see these raunchy women entering the kingdom of heaven unless if they repent.

“I saw them being denied entry into the heavenly gates by the heavenly army because of their bad deeds and they’ll be immediately sent to hell,” said Madungwe.

He said the antics of people like Vimbai Zimuto and Bev are causing a proliferation of sin in Zimbabwe. Vimbai Zimuto, an up-and-coming singer, recently became famous after she posted a naked picture of herself to mourn the victims of the Ethiopian plane crash.

“According to the heavenly sin rate, Zimbabwe is currently ranked at number 10 in the world and topping the list of sins in Zimbabwe is adultery followed by witchcraft. 

“The women from the kingdom of darkness in the department of prostitution are playing a significant role in contributing to the number one sin in Zimbabwe – adultery.”

All hope is not lost for the women as prophet Madungwe said they are welcome to fellowship at his Remnant Desire of All Nations Ministries to receive deliverance. 

Social media, Prophet Madungwe said, is also playing a huge role in fanning adultery.

“The advent of social media has propelled such shameful behaviours because it’s on this platform that these people are receiving so much praise and being popularised. That’s why you’re seeing many people leaking so called sex-tapes – the devil is using social media to destroy both the young and old.”

The top five countries that have the highest sin rate in the world according to the prophet are United States of America followed by Italy, Brazil, Britain and Nigeria.

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