Sporting extravaganza for Victoria Falls

11 Jun, 2021 - 00:06 0 Views
Sporting extravaganza for Victoria Falls Malvern Kanjere

The Chronicle

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter

DOMESTIC tourism is set for a major boost next month when Sports Tourism Incorporation, in collaboration with Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) and Zim Bho #Zim Yami, #vakatsha hosts a three-day sporting extravaganza in the resort city of Victoria Falls.

The event’s objective is to promote domestic tourism through social sporting activity and preparations are already in full swing and organisers are optimistic of success, as it’s in line with the Government’s move to promote sports tourism in the country.

Nine sporting events, volleyball, basketball, netball, football, golf, tennis, pool, marathon and aerobics, have been lined-up for the three-day event from July 16-18.

“Our aim as Sports Tourism Incorporation is to promote domestic tourism through social sport so, this event coming up in Victoria Falls, a prime tourist resort place, is meant just for that. We negotiated for great packages with key stakeholders like ZTA on behalf of our fellow citizens, many of who have been shunning these resort areas due to high fees. We want to spice it by having social sports, which are open to anyone. Let us enjoy and tell our own story instead of getting it from outsiders,” said Malvern Kanjere, Sports Tourism Incorporation’s public relations and marketing director.

He said those interested in taking part should register at Batanai Gardens in Harare or any ZTA offices countrywide.

ZTA head of corporate affairs Godfrey Koti told the media last year that sport tourism was a fast-growing sector of the global travel industry and equates to $7.68 billion, which was no small feat, and ZTA was doing all it could to garner the numbers it can get.

He said ZTA will also partner domestic sporting teams in an aggressive bid to promote sports activities, which could attract tourists and increase earnings.

“Used to its full potential, sports tourism can be a catalyst for the development of infrastructure such as stadia, hotels, transportation networks, roads and telecommunications,” Koti told

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