UPDATED: Lightning bolt kills 1 person, 20 cattle

Freedom Mupanedemo, Midlands Bureau

ONE person was killed while several homesteads were gutted by fire when a “mysterious” bolt of lightning struck a village under Chief Njelele in Gokwe South last Tuesday evening.

At least 20 head of cattle belonging to three families were killed in the incident that witnesses said occurred at about 6 pm.

Midlands police spokesperson, Inspector Joel Goko yesterday said he was still to get details.

Chief Njelele, however confirmed the extraordinary happening saying everyone was left shell-shocked.

“It was just hot and some dark clouds gathered and the next thing, lightning struck and killed a woman. There were also about 20 beasts which were killed,” said Chief Njelele.

He said the lightning bolt left many with questions.

“Insignificant showers fell soon after the lightning strike but everyone was left shell-shocked. I have visited the affected people and everyone was still in shock,” he said.

One of the affected villagers, Mr Timothy Mlambo said he was inside his kitchen hut when it suddenly caught fire.

“There was a huge bang and the next thing I realised that my hut was on fire. When I dashed out, I discovered that three or four houses belonging to my neighbours were also on fire but it was not even raining,” he said.

Mr Mlambo said they later learnt that the bolt had claimed a person and several of their livestock.

“A woman who was coming from fetching water was killed. We lost 20 cattIe in the village including my own five beasts all of which were already in their pens,” he said.

Mr Mlambo said they reported the matter to Chief Njelele.

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