Zanu-PF in bid to revive firms…Zidco, Treger among targeted companies Dr Mike Bimha

Farirai Machivenyika Harare Bureau
Zidco, Tregers Holdings, Catercraft and Jongwe Printing and Publishing Companyare among companies owned by Zanu-PF, which the party’s Politburo yesterday discussed ways of reviving at its meeting at the party headquarters and also looked at other initiatives meant to raise funds.

ZIDCO Holdings is a holdings company owned by the ruling party. It is one of the two main holding companies owned by the party, the other being M&S Syndicate. ZIDCO is the parent company of some companies in Zimbabwe, among them FBC Bank, Jongwe Printers and Catercraft.

“We spent most of the time looking at mobilisation of resources for the party,” secretary for Information and Publicity Dr Mike Bimha said. “We looked at subscriptions of members and we also looked at what you might call a dedicated system of raising funds, we also looked at how the party companies can assist in raising funds.

“We directed the secretary who is in charge of business activities Minister (Sithembiso) Nyoni to look into that. She is in charge of party companies and she is looking into the modalities and how we can prop up the party companies so that they can contribute to the fundraising or to the generation of revenue for the party.”

Some of the Zanu-PF owned companies are Zidco, Tregers Holdings, Catercraft and Jongwe Printing and Publishing Company.
Cde Gumbo said the Politburo also discussed land rentals proposed by Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Dr Douglas Mombeshora.

“We looked at the land rental issue that was Mombeshora’s baby, that they would like to charge rents for A1 farmers and A2 farmers and so on,” he said.
“Details you would have to get from Minister Mombeshora, he is adjusting his report.”


Cde Bimha said that preparations for the Women and Youth League Conferences were postponed to next week to allow the party’s Elections Directorate to deliberate on the matter before making presentations to the Politburo.

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