Zezani to celebrate Youth Day with theatre arts against drug abuse Dickens Mathe

Mthabisi Tshuma, [email protected]

TOMORROW, the people of Zezani in Beitbridge district will commemorate the Robert Mugabe National Youth Day with a special event that aims to raise awareness and fight against drug and substance abuse through theatre arts.

The event will take place at Zezani Community Hall from 10 am to 4 pm, and is open to the public.

The event, which is themed “Alleviating Drug and Substance Abuse through theatre arts”, is organised by Dickens Mathe, a local arts enthusiast who believes that arts can be a powerful tool to educate and influence youths to live a moral and healthy life.

“The objective is to raise awareness about the dangers of drug, alcohol and substance abuse among our youth. It is clear that these issues are having a devastating impact on our young people and I believe that through arts, we can reach out to them and provide alternatives to self-destructive behaviors,” said Mathe.

The event will feature a variety of performances, including poetry, drama, debate, public speaking and music, all with the goal of inspiring and motivating the youth to make better choices. Among the performers are Whunga Rhumba Dance group, a Tshivenda traditional dance troupe, and Clarence Ndou, a rising star who overcame drug abuse and pursued his passion for music.

Mathe said the event will also showcase the talent and potential of the youth in Zezani, an area that he said has a wealth of untapped talent in theatre arts.

“Beitbridge has a wealth of untapped talent particularly in the area of Zezani. This area is a hub of Tshivenda traditional dance, poetry, and drama, and it’s a shame that this talent isn’t being given the exposure it deserves. The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) needs to step up and provide support for these theatre arts programmes which would help our youth monetise their talent and keep them from being idle,” said Mathe.

He added that he is thrilled to have Whunga Rhumba Dance band and Clarence Ndou on board for this special occasion, and hopes that their performance will inspire others to follow their dreams and make positive choices in life.

“One of the artistes performing is Clarence Ndou, a young and upcoming musician who defied drug abuse and decided to pursue his passion for music. He is a shining example of the potential that exists within our youth, and I am thrilled to have him on board for this special occasion. We hope that his performance will inspire others to follow their dreams and make positive choices in life,” said Mathe.


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