$176 million set aside for civil service bonuses


Pamela Shumba, Senior Reporter
THE Minister of Finance and Economic Development Patrick Chinamasa yesterday assured civil servants that they will be paid their 2017 bonus beginning in 2018, with $176 million set aside for the 13th cheques and other national programmes.

However, the bonus payments will be staggered.

“We have made a commitment to pay civil servants their 2017 bonuses in 2018 but these will be staggered as before,” said Minister Chinamasa while presenting the 2018 National Budget in Parliament.

He said Treasury has set aside $176 million for the payment of the 2017 13th cheque.

“Treasury will, therefore, honour the commitment already made to pay the 2017 13th cheques, but in a staggered manner. The programming of the above commitment during the first half of 2018 will be guided by revenue inflows, taking account of cash flow requirements of other national programmes, such as the general elections,” said Minister Chinamasa

The assurance by Minister Chinamasa brings relief to anxious civil servants who had not received any communication from the new Government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa regarding their bonus payments for 2017.

Government workers received their 2016 bonuses this year in batches between April and August.

The 13th cheques come at a time when Government is rationalising the civil service in an effort to reduce the wage bill.

Although Minister Chinamasa did not announce the dates for the payments, the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare recently indicated that they will be paid within a shorter period.

Minister Chinamasa added that the policy on the freezing of vacant posts in the public service has greatly assisted in containing the wage bill and assisting towards efforts to re-orient budget expenditures.

In his inauguration speech, President Mnangagwa warned civil servants against sitting on their jobs, saying his administration requires hard workers with each and every one expected to execute their duties efficiently.

He told civil servants to roll up their sleeves in readiness to deliver as the country has an economy to recover and a people to serve.

The President said days of absenteeism and desultory application, unduly delaying and forestalling decisions and services in the hope of extorting dirty rewards were over.

All offices, President Mnangagwa added, must speedily answer questions and generate solutions awaited by citizens or well-meaning outsiders who want to join in the recovery of the country’s economy. — @pamelashumba1


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  • Jojo Wamoyo

    Interesting; a father promises the family that they will have chicken every Friday. Now the funds are thin he says we can have it on Monday next week. He continues providing for the chicken while others are no longer going to school because the fees have not been paid. Others are bed ridden because there is not enough money to buy them drugs. The house is falling apart because it has not been painted in years. What a loving father!!

  • no change

    so that $213million loan you got from china just went to civil servant bonuses :-(

  • zibulo

    intelligent comments so far. obeserve this; Govt collects taxes and spends 90% of it on salaries, meaning only 10% is available for other state depts’ expenditure, which must include public services as well as travels, hotels, foreign hospital visits !! So actually , how much of this 10%is left to spend on public goods/services for which we elect a govt to work for us ?? And this govt workfore literally has no funds left to perform al services required, and are the only Employees in these economically bankrupt country promised Bonuses by so-called Saviors of Zim (Mnanagwa /Chiwenga). Out of 13 million Zimbos how many are getting bonuses, so why are they “special”? Same goes for the Fools running City Councils. How much do these Town Clerks ,Mayors and Councillors get, and is their Income in tandem with Council Revenues? Selfish councillors allow mayors/town clerks to have imported cars?????? I repeat what i have said before: with all these graduates we have, do we have a skills shortage when it comes to mayors, twn clerks, Parastatal heads-all these people earn Vulgar salaries compared with how the country and councils fare financially- so magnangwa you really are hitting the ground running-carrying on from where Mgodoyi left things. and have deployed Soldiers To Instill Fear to the Public not to protest !!!! and fools believe you will “arrest thiebes”, ha ha ha. your soldiers are taking bribes already at roadblocks