Andrew Langa arrested, hospitalised

Andrew Langa

Andrew Langa

Crime Reporter
The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) has arrested former Sport, Arts and Culture Minister Cde Andrew Langa (pictured) on allegations of corruption stemming from the 2014 African Union Youth Games held in Bulawayo.

Although details were still sketchy last night, sources said Mr Langa was yesterday admitted to Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo under police guard.

Cde Langa, who is also the Member of Parliament for Insiza North in Matabeleland South, is expected to appear in court today facing corruption charges.

“He was arrested by Zacc officials and has since been admitted to Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo under police custody. He was arrested with issues to do with the 2014 African Union Youth Games,” said one of the sources.

The circumstances that led to his admission to hospital were also still unclear yesterday.

In 2015, former President Mugabe fired Cde Langa from Cabinet and replaced him with the then Minister without Portfolio Makhosini Hlongwane.

Cde Langa had an uneventful tenure as sports minister as he remained largely silent as various sporting disciplines declined.

The administration of football, then under the stewardship of a bungling Zifa led by Cuthbert Dube, reached probably its lowest point.

During the past few months, Zacc has been arresting several former senior Government officials and legislators on corruption charges.

Yesterday, former NetOne CEO Reward Kangai appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Rumbidzai Mugwagwa facing 21 counts of criminal abuse of office charges.

Kangai was accused of unlawfully and corruptly sanctioning payment of rentals in advance to base station landlords without the company’s authorisation.

Highfield National Assembly representative Psychology Maziwisa and former ZBC News anchor Oscar Pambuka were arrested this week for fraud by the corruption-busting body.

The two were facing charges of fraud involving $12 500 actual prejudice paid to them and $36 000 potential prejudice.

This was after they wanted to offer public relations consultancy services to Zimbabwe Power Company through former Energy and Power Development Minister Samuel Undenge who has since been arrested for abuse of office and is out on bail.

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  • Gorbachev III

    Let there be some convictions after these numerous cosmetic arrests!

    • Cde

      Ko uPasi madhodha Zimra board how far we are going to seek audience with Min Chinamasa he cannot go with 20 million noo ..Zimra board pliz publish the forensic report wat are u hiding …we heard Zimra hd ghost workers on its payroll and also and that some lady managers were favoured in promotions ..we are going to name them

      • zibulo

        the day they publish the forensic report is the day they also publish the Gugurahundi Report, which was locked away by thief number 1 Mgabe. In otherr words what i am telling you is that with this selective ‘arrests” where no one is convicted , its Looting Continua, and only fools think Mnanagwa is is going to save Zimbabwe. Every report is for public consumprion , since The People Are the Government, and not Chiwenga, Moyo and Mnagangwa alone. moreover they were not elected !!!

  • Msongelwa.

    Amasela wonke kabanjwe Obert Mpofu, Phillip Chiyangwa is overcharging Zifa on rentals as he moved the offices to his property, njalo makungakhangelwa ukut uzibani uncike lobani operation transparency sifunintuthuko endaweni zasemakhaya izikholo, imigwaqo, imitholampilo ngokunjalo umuntu wonke okuhulumeni kabekwazi ukut umele umphakathi hhayi ukut ezontshontsha.

  • Thulani Kulube

    its sad because Mnangagwa is turning a blind eye on Lacoste corrupt members but why?, he promised to rout out corruption but he is only targeting G40 Cabal members,These people think we are fools and we know all the corrupt people especiallly big fishes Mugabe, Grace, Obert Mpofu, Kasukuwere, Chiwenga, Mnangagwa……

  • Mahuswa

    ULanga was never a G40 member. Kasitshiyeni amanga.

  • Godlwayo Omnyama

    I have been receiving enquiries from friends and relatives on the realism of today’s (12/01/18) chronicle headline which reads “Andrew Langa Arrested, Hospitalised”
    First and foremost, Hon Langa has been in hospital from the 8th of January dissimilar to the statement on the paper which says on the 11th. That exposes meagre research skills by the damagingly unnamed reporter in that article, not to mention how unprofessional our state media has befell by allowing to be used by political aspires to report false and artificial reports against their rivals.
    Secondly, no warrant of arrest or whatsoever has been issued to Langa either by the police or ZACC for that matter. This is clearly a political gimmick against Langa by some elements in Matabeleland South Province who feel the return of Hon Langa to provincial active politics could threaten their positions.
    Remember Hon Langa led Matabeland South to win all the 13 parliamentary elections by allowing fresh blood young M.Ps to contest.
    Remember Hon Langa was suspended from ZANU PF in 2005 for being part of the famous Tsholotsho declaration which was in favour of E.D Mnangagwa’s ascendency to vice presidency.
    Remember Hon Langa was fired from being ZANU PF chairperson for allegedly undermining Grace Mugabes authority so he was not G40
    Remember Hon Langa was fired from the ministry of sport and replaced by Makhosini Hlongwani a staunt G40 person.

    • zibulo

      So , according to your words , you are also a ZANU supporter. It means you are a problem too because Zimbabwe’s problems are caused by ZANU party. Yolur long explanation of this story doesn’t help, it only revelas how you you want to sell the idea that the ZANU Loooters are good people. why do you support ZANU? No jobs , no cash , no tax-paid developmental work except by NGOs and tolled servces. we have improved roads but at our expense through tolls when we also pay Tax. Do you ZANU supporters think at all ????????? There is no zimbabwean in their right mind who wants to sell the country to the West as your Mgabe always said-he was the enemy of the people. This part of Southern Africa was built and developed by technology from the West, and it is /was good , except for apartheid . Why else are people from central and west africa fleeing to southern africa for ? after Langa made sure zanu won seats what development can you point, how have people’s living standards improved

  • wendy wuno

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    • Gqom

      Yekelani ikhokhokho!

  • Giyani Giyani

    After all has been said and done ,politics or not ,some people were not paid for their services.I am one of them.Meanwhile ,the buck stops with who?

  • The optimist

    Andrew Langa should be arrested if he has been corrupt whether he is G40 or not has nothing to do with us. It is their own internal issues. If he is innocent, he also should be let go. His political contributions benefited their party ZANU pf and him, and has nothing to do with the rest of us.

  • sikhukhukazi

    ngizwa kuthiwa umakarau laye ulezakhe

  • owayese jele

    ijele ibuhlungu ulale esamendeni zikuthathathela ingubo yakhe, uthi uyadla zidle ukudla kwakho ngaphapha zikutshaya

  • Mhlanga Addy

    Turns out there are more lies in this report than the truth . Angazi njalo

  • Ton van Der Parker

    Why is it one sided affair? If ZACC is a genuine independent institution then it should go after EDM and all the military personnel who corruptly benefited from the diamonds. The country can’t have one person owning 20 gold watches