Bosso, DeMbare match abandoned

FACE OF SHAME: Highlanders assistant coach Amini Soma-Phiri (left) and acting chairman Modern Ngwenya (right) chat with the assistant referee Thomas Kusosa whose call caused skirmishes during the Highlanders-Dynamos match at Barbourfields Stadium yesterday

FACE OF SHAME: Highlanders assistant coach Amini Soma-Phiri (left) and acting chairman Modern Ngwenya (right) chat with the assistant referee Thomas Kusosa whose call caused skirmishes during the Highlanders-Dynamos match at Barbourfields Stadium yesterday

Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter
Highlanders 1-1 Dynamos

(match abandoned after 40 minutes)

FORTY minutes of the explosive Castle Lager Premiership flagship clash between traditional rivals Highlanders and Dynamos were played at Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo before the game was abandoned due to crowd trouble yesterday.

An equaliser by Dynamos’ Cameroonian striker Christian Epoupa in the 40th minute sparked the trouble, as Highlanders’ fans threw missiles at second assistant referee Thomas Kusosa protesting the goal.

Epoupa scored from a clear offside position, but Kusosa did not flag him and instead signalled a goal.

With missiles raining on Kusosa, the Gweru-based assistant referee ran to the centre of the field as Bosso players and officials tried to calm down fans.

Twice the fans chased Kusosa away from the touchline and after lengthy deliberations, match commissioner Edson Nkau and the referees called off the match.

“The game has been called off due to crowd trouble,” was all Nkau was prepared to say.

The result of the blockbuster will now be determined in the boardroom and Highlanders are likely to be sanctioned for their fans’ behaviour.

Scenes at Barbourfields Stadium were captured on SuperSport, which started broadcasting matches for the 2017 season on Saturday and the disturbances were clearly not the best way to market local                              football.

Facing off in a year the PSL is celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Highlanders and Dynamos clash had lived to its billing, with the atmosphere at Barbourfields electric, until Kusosa’s blunder.

The game started off with Dynamos forcing two corner kicks inside the first minute which Highlanders easily dealt with.

In the third minute Dynamos’ goalkeeper Tonderai Mateyaunga pulled a great save to deny Highlanders’ midfielder Simon Munawa a goal after being fed by Rodreck Mutuma.

After that, Highlanders started to slowly control the game, with midfielders Erick Mudzingwa, Munawa, Rahman Kutsanzira and Allen Gahadzikwa winning most duels and opening up the visitors.

Dynamos’ anchorman Tichaona Chipunza was exposed by his fellow midfielders Denver Mukamba and Wisdom Mutasa, who were not marking.
Mutasa popped up from his slumber in the 19th minute with a screamer from outside the box which Highlanders’ goalie Ariel Sibanda pushed out for corner.

Highlanders finally turned their dominance into a goal in the 23rd minute with skipper Kutsanzira scoring from outside the box after receiving a pass following a corner kick by Gahadzikwa.

It was a clear move from the training ground as Dynamos were caught unawares.

It was only after the half-hour mark that Dynamos crept back into the game, dictating pace in midfield.

Then came the moment of madness that halted the match in the 40th minute when Kusosa allowed Epoupa’s offside goal to stand.

All hell broke loose and fans at the Empankweni stand where Kusosa was officiating from demanded that he be replaced complaining he was biased against Bosso.


Highlanders: Ariel Sibanda, Bukhosi Ncube, Honest Moyo, Tendai Ndlovu, Peter Muduhwa, Erick Mudzingwa, Simon Munawa, Rahman Kutsanzira, Allen Gahadzikwa, Prince Dube, Rodreck Mutuma

Substitutes: King Nadolo, Brian Banda, Tendai Ngulube, Gabriel Nyoni, Benson Phiri, Prosper Matutu, Ralph Mathema

Dynamos: Tonderai Mateyaunga, Peace Makaha, Ocean Mushure, Marshal Machazane, Elisha Muroiwa, Tichaona Chipunza, Denver Mukamba, Wisdom Mutasa, Emmanuel Mandiranga, Tawanda Macheke, Christian Epoupa

Substitutes: Masimba Mambare, Valentine Ndaba, Phakamani Dube, Carlos Rusere, Kudzanai Dhemere, Quality Kangadzi, Blessing Mwandimutsira

Match Day 8 Results

Saturday: How Mine 0-0 FC Platinum, Bulawayo City 0-1 Black Rhinos, ZPC Kariba 2-0 Tsholotsho FC, Yadah FC 0-1 Chicken Inn

Yesterday: Hwange 0-0 Triangle United, Shabanie Mine 0-0 Chapungu, Harare City 0-1 Ngezi Platinum, Highlanders 1-1 Dynamos (match abandoned), Caps United v Bantu Rovers (Postponed)

— @ZililoR

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  • Ziyabheda

    Why was Kusosa not replaced to allow the game to go on!? What was so difficult about replacing him given the video footage that supported the Bosso fans call that he had blundered?

    • maonero

      We have seen refs blundering now and then and to justify fans’ behaviour on that basis means we are primitive at least relative to how other societies behave in such circumstances

      • xydo

        u ryt man look at that offside from ronaldo at bayern , the refree blundered bt bayern players never demonstrated to that thats high levels of professionalism and remember that lines man is a human bing not a camera he cant captured n clear c every moment of the game

        • N. Sithole

          You might be right about the Ronaldo incident. However, the circumstances are different. Here we have a well known anti-Bosso guy masquerading as an assistant referee ruling in favour of his team. The guy’s bias against Highlanders is in the public domain. The ‘mistake’ was a deliberate one.

      • Ziyabheda

        The fans have a right to protest “primitive” officiating and should not be suppressed from doing so,otherwise we will end up with officials deciding on which team should be subjected to fair officiating and which one should not. If a bad player can be shown a red card,why not a bad official!? Remember these fans pay their hard earned money (which is also used to pay these officials) to watch quality soccer,not clownish officiating.

    • SIR inini

      its not the video foootage its the intepretation…that was a legit goal

  • qiniso

    why lisebenzisa unproffessional referees for PSL games?????The fans need to be forgiven for their behavior.Simply charge the line man and organise a replay.This is quite embarrassing considering the Supersport coverage!shame.

  • citizen

    thanx Ricky for your reporting.check your sister paper ‘s report on the same article.Fans – hooligans who couldnot take the equaliser from Dynamos!Eish this is serious and uncalled for.Imagine appointing such a reporter to be the assistant refree in a match between Dembare and Bosso!

    • Liverpool

      he is a pro-Bosso reporter this one. not objective

  • fresh

    Explain how it was offside so that people learn like what The Herald did. This kind of reporting is clearly offside.

    • Monsta

      The opinion by the Malawi agent Felix Sapao that if a defender blocks a shot from an attacking team and the resultant deflection falls to an offside attacker, the offside attacker seizes to be offside it’s untrue. The FIFA statues state that a player is adjudged to be offside if he gains an advantage from a deliberate save by any opponent. A save is explained as a block to a goal bound shot by any opposing player including the keeper. Muroiwa’s shot was “saved” by the Highlanders defender and fell to an offside Epoupa, he should have been charged offside. Think of most leagues we watch, why is it strikers don’t deliberately stray into offside positions waiting for saved or deflected shots Week in Week out? I do not condone the actions of some the unruly Highlander’s fans but let’s interpret the rules as they are. #NOTOVIOLENCE View — View —

      • Sanity

        You explained it brilliantly and then did a daft job and interpreting it! Once the ball is blocked or attempted to be cleared the striker ceases to be offside. Thts the new rules baba ukhanya uyayazi vele irule leyo

  • Seles

    I recall a certain Kusosa who was based in Gweru who once spoiled a game for Highlanders and a certain team I have forgotten which. But this Kusosa was called Nelson Kusosa. Could this be the son who is carrying his father’s legacy?

    • Yizo-yizo

      Haaaaaa mfowethu, uKusosa lo kayiqali into yakhe. He has made controversial decisions against Highlanders spanning over a decade. Its time this Jackal is disciplined because he can easily cause a riot and there could be lose of lives because of his stupid hatred for Bosso.

      • SIR inini

        but that goal was legit…are you going to apologize to Kusosa

  • ncube

    suppose kusosa was wrong as you what to console yourself and your team Ricky are you saying the action of Bosso supporters was justified? We have seen worse cases in the EPL and else but no match abandoned

  • Shapiro

    Someone once scored using a hand in a world Cup match, but the match wasn’the abandoned. I mean not supporting the linesman but he is human. For some we had the advantage of reviewing on replay on TV but the referees they don’t have that opportunity. I think it’s high time fifa should introduce a replay from the media room during the match for a second opinion for the refs. It’s used in tennis, rugby and cricket, why not for soccer.are you waiting for fans to die first because of the commotion which will have resulted from thelse kind of mistakes.

  • Gandanga

    If a reporter is to remain objective all they have to report is that the goal was controversial, whether the goal was good or not is never the point…… You can discuss that in an opinion piece. The referee’s decision is final and football has not started using videos to make decisions on a matter already decided by the referee. Bosso fans behaved appallingly and Bosso should lose points, otherwise what’s to stop other fans from invading the pitch whenever a decision doesn’t go their way??

    • Thubelihle Mafu

      The fans did great by standing their ground. It”s now tiring to see referees getting away with such mistakes. And ZiFA knows that Bosso-Dembare matches are always problematic so why not get the best match officials to ensure such things don’t happen?

      • trigga

        thats a very silly response , how can you actually say the fans stood their ground. Referees are human and also make mistakes , the game was on 1-1 for Gods sake and highlandrs seemed to have the upperhand so i dont get why their fans stopped the match because the people that will suffer are highlanders players and the club

        • N. Sithole

          That’s a good response actually. Fans were making a bold statement. For how long shall they stand by when Dynamos supporters dressed in referees’ kits continue to rob them with impunity? Remember the Matemera 7 minute added time madness, the 2015 Murehwa-based assistant referee’s decision to disallow a clearly onside goal for offside? The fans knew ZIFA would do nothing about. That’s sad for football.

        • uBhonklanti

          Those matapi fc fans masquarading as refs are kiiling zim soccer

          • Mutapa Jnr

            Bosso fans were responsible for the abandonment of the game. The hooligans have nowhere to hide. The match officials decision is always final no matter how much Bosso fans scream , stomp their feat and engage in violence.

      • Gandanga

        Even with the world’s best referee mistakes will be made….then what???

        • Khulekani Bhebhe

          Dynamos get away with the “Referees mistakes” every season , two seasons ago Bosso’s equalising goal was ruled offside yet on replays it was seen it was a clear goal, we lost that match 3-2. How long must we tolerate these mistakes that favour Dynamos every time?

          • Gandanga

            So Bosso has never ever benefited from a refereeing error?

          • me

            Never against Dynamos

          • Gandanga

            Doesn’t matter against which team….now watch them lose all three points to Dynamos and pay a fine too….how smart!!

          • vusumuzi

            you are from a community which even rigs Votes and are proud “winners”, better to lose 3 points than lose the match in that manner. After all you hate the team which, with yours, makes Zim soccer tick !!!. Sick imbecile

          • Gandanga

            I don’t know where you get off insulting me and labelling me a Dynamos supporter, I love football but I just don’t have sympathy for those who don’t understand the rules of the game. Ref’s decision is final, end of!! English Premier league teams have lost whole titles and tonnes more money to bad refereeing without as much as an appeal!! Get over yourselves….

          • Mutapa Jnr

            The PSL will award the 3 points to Dembare for good behaviour. As for the Bosso hooligans , you need a hefty fine and a three match empty BF fine.

          • SIR inini

            ur judgement is flawed Bosso won four titles on account of the same referees

          • uBhonklanti

            same applies to Matapi FC having the refs play for them every year.

          • SIR inini

            Highlanders was once beaten 5-0 by an under 20 Dynamos side….ur team is very weak..u need to accept that

  • Mbuluki Mguni

    Yah Zim Ref and fans

  • koka

    if bosso is fined for the behaviour of the fans, they should sue this kusosa for lack of professionalism and bias that caused crowd trouble. if proven beyond doubt that kusosa deliberately threw this match into chaos by his behaviour zifa should ban this clown for life as well.

    • Sanity

      U drunk sir

    • Petros Magomazi

      Without doubt, Bosso are going to pay a heavy price!!! It is pointless for you to try to assess the referees performance because you are not qualified to do that. From the little that I know, the situation is debatable because of the deflection/block by the highlanders defender. Having said that, it is worthy noting that these incidents happen everywhere in football, including the World Cup where there will be much more at stake. What the fans did is deplorable and those who are trying to explain away the fans reaction should apply their minds. We are going to lose precious sponsorship at a time when sponsors are hard to come by. PSL must sanction Highlanders to the full extent of the rules and regulations that govern football. The fans should be made to realise that the officials are not accountable to them.

      • dax

        Who cares about fines when refs cheat.One thing for sure next highlanders games expect good officiating

        • SIR inini

          there is smthing called human error it is always there and will always be accounted wheneva a human being is inlvolved….Bosso has won matches and some of them unfairly

      • Football lover

        I personally think that Bosso should be fined heavily. They have to be mature and discipline their fans.

  • Elton

    From the beginning of the season, match officials have been biased against BOSSO, However as for yesterday, though I do not condone violence or the subsequent behaviour of the fans, my question to Kusosa is why did raise the flag signalling offisde and then lower it because Dynamos had scored? Remember he did the same thing when Highlanders was playing against Shabanie. To me, he is not qualified to be a premier match official. And to ZIFA, when there are such matches being played, can you try to have unbiased match officials that can be brought from other neighboring nations such as Zambia for instance and yes I am cognizant of the cost implications of doing so.



      • N. Sithole

        Then they the learnt the hard way that they will not be allowed to get away with it with impunity again. Why are the so-called mistakes always happening in favour of Dynamos?

  • xydo

    if we can only understand that it wasnt an offside the moment a defender deflects the ball into the legs of an offside striker it ceases to be an offside , if the defender ddnt deflects the ball it was a clear offside . these kind of situations a created due to defenders who try to do offside traps bt at the same moment they dont know hw the rules operates like . i also blame the BOSSO players especially Rodreck for lack of professionalism that guy is juss a football player who dnt even knw the ethics of his career , what he does is jss to badly influence other player if u can remember jss few minutes after the highlanders goal he fell down as if that Dembare player had ddnt something to him bt what he juss wanted is for that player to be given a card then if i may ask what kind of a player is that , he is just a football kicker not a player coz a player knows how to treat other players in the field , If any charges are going to face Bosso Rodreck must be charged on his own he is just a coward

    • mjafa

      if it was a back pass its not offside,but if your teammate makes an attempt on goal and it deflects off an opponent if you were offside at the momement your teamate kicked the ball u r offside

      • Petros Magomazi

        The law cannot protect you because you failed to block the ball in the way you would have wanted!!! This was not a deflection but rather an failed attempt to clear or block the ball!!!

        • mjafa

          sir that is the defination of a deflection we saying yhe same thing sir

    • N. Sithole

      You could have done better explaining in your vernacular. Anyway, you are explaining things you scant knowledge about.

    • Analyst

      When the ball deflects to an OFFSIDE player it doesnt make him on side ITS AN OFFENCE – SIR… rules changed in 2004 Sir … Read and equip your self accordingly..

    • lizzy

      rule 11 says a player is offside when: gaining an advantage by playing the ball or interfering with an opponent when it has:

      rebounded or been deflected off the goalpost, crossbar
      or an opponent
      Educate yourself before displaying your ignorance to the whole world.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The match officials are paid to ensure that the matches are conducted in accordance to the laid down rules and regulations of the game. The soccer authorities need to ensure that officials adhere to dictates of the game that they are employed and paid to uphold. Goal line technology was introduced to assist referees to award genuine goals in the spirit of good performance on the field. What is the point of having a fourth match official with access to video footage if glaring negligent or reckless decisions by match officials go uncorrected. ZIFA PLS Sports Commission can you please make sure that match commissioners and 4th officials justify their presence in matches by assisting match officials on the ground in correcting glaring errors for the good of our sports. Don't leave this to the public as they will always do it the wrong way. What happened at BF yesterday was avoidable and can and should be avoided in future. Lets correct the root causes as they occur and not wait for the symptoms.

  • Mhlakazanhlansi

    Grand Plan 2 in operation … grand Plan
    Gukurahundi 2 … Gukurahundi

    • Ronald Sibanda

      Uyahlanya. Unopenga. You are raving mad!

  • wordfanece

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  • vusumuzi

    Some of us tried to catch it on dstv, but failed. On which channel was it ?But clips show the scorer being off side well before the goal, and was so as the 18 area scramble went on for some time.

    • N. Sithole

      It was live on ss9.

    • Sie

      ahh lami ngiliswele uyazi…

    • SIR inini

      but do you understand the rules…or what an offside is

      • N. Sithole

        The rules can be googled. Gone are the days of being subjected to propaganda. The rules are clear. That was an offside period. The major problem that needs to be addressed is that of having Dynamos supporters dressed in referees’ kits officiating in matches involving their bitterest rivals.

        • SIR inini

          but you have not even googled Sithole..there are even youtube videos to show that it was a legit goal

          • N. Sithole

            No. I have googled. That was a clear offside.

          • SIR inini

            kkkkk…then watch the youtube videos

  • Mqamlandaba Mdabantu

    “Scenes at Barbourfields Stadium were captured on SuperSport, which started broadcasting matches for the 2017 season on Saturday and the disturbances were clearly not the best way to market local football.”
    True as it maybe the same goes for such officiating. it does not market us as competent enough to officiate. Its a pity that match officials are overly protected world wide which is why they go on like this. We need to put in place disciplinary measures that will deter officials from inciting/provoking violence by their incompetence or whatever reasons maybe. Some of you may recall how a female referee disallowed a clear goal from the Zimbabwean team in the women’s ‘AFCON’. The referee can not put the blame sqaurely on the lines man as he was also close enough to make judgement. Painful as it maybe, supporters still need to exercise tolerance bearing in mind that officials may make mistakes, and hope that the error is a sincere one. But for ZIFA note that such errors may cost us lives.

  • Liverpool

    this reporter is biased, shame on you Ricky!. this is bad reporting

    • Dambie

      Shamefully biased…..that’s why violence will never end at BF coz there certain reporters who do not call a spade a spade…..

  • Bigboss

    First problem here is this reporter. he is analysing the game accordind to his motive. Hooliganism is bad. we need to watch soccer with our families. Soccer mistakes and blunders never started in Zimbabwe. If you are a soccer follower What happened to PsG AND Barcelona. after an assesment the ref was banned by Fifa. there are steps that are taken if there are greivances. Bosso Board knows what happened. BUT THUMPS UP to the Soweto end . that was good example from you guys. Sometimes hooliganism cost the club than some few individuals.

  • Nkunzemnyama

    A referee SHOULD penalize a player for being offside if he interferes with the play or tries to gain an advantage from being offside. A player can be penalized for this at any point until the opposing team takes control of the ball. Here are a few examples of situations where a referee would call an offside penalty:[6]
    Teammate passes to an offside player.
    Teammate kicks the ball, it BOUNCES off a defender, and REACHES an offside player.
    Offside player gets in the way of a defender trying to reach the ball.
    Teammate shoots at goal, offside player places himself near the goal hoping to get the [ LETS STOP INFLUENCING RESULTS FROM ZANU OFFICES].

  • Mike

    Violence should not be condoned. Please let’s make this beautiful game a family sport. We should take out families to watch without fear that something bad might happen to them. The players that we watch earn their living from gate takings and if those funds are to be used to pay hefty fines then how are the teams going to attract better players. Food for thought to those who justify violence.

  • Sqokoqela

    This Kusosa is a nuisance! This is not the first time he is doing this to Highlanders. For those who follow football trends in Zimbabwe, he has been in the centre of attraction for offending Highlanders and turning the beautiful game of football into chaos. He should be banned and if he is to partake in any activities let him do so to other matches that do not involve the two giants of Zimbabwe. I still remember in 1999 he did the same and this should be for the sixth time if not mistaken. For a big game between Highlanders and Dynamos, we need a neutral and sober persons who are not supporters. How can you be an assistant referee yet simultaneously you are a supporter of another team. I also strongly condemn hooliganism in the pitch be it my cousin brothers or sisters that is bad. Following the 1999 incident at BF i no longer visit stadium to watch match, i only do so at the comfort zone of my home. I was saddened by the photo of a policeman leading a dog to a lady with a red jersey and blue jeans. I guess policemen should be less cruel. That is worse off and wish to see soccer supporters to be neutral and let the beautiful game of football take its course without there influence. Referees should remain professional all the time and stern measures should be tailor made to metigate such challenges

    • Mliswa

      you are crazy kkkkkkk, in 1999 Kusosa was 12 years old kkkk. And it must have quite a record for a 12 year old to officiate a blockbuster fixture like the Bosso-Dembare game.kkkkkk.

      • N. Sithole

        The fact still remains that this Kusosa guy has made dubious decisions against Highlanders in the recent past, particularly in Gweru.

        • Mutapa Jnr

          Dubious to whom? You are not a FIFA rules guru. I am aware you are a Bosso hooligan who deludes themselves by assuming they know the rules of the game better than the match officials. Too bad for you, your views do not count in a match of football They might count in some shabeen or beer haul not in a football pitch.

          • N. Sithole

            I am not a hooligan and I will never be one. That match did not need a FIFA guru to see a glaring offside. Google the offside rule. Even an ECD child could see that. We always pontificate about being an educated nation yet we can’t see a glaring anomaly. So much for our education!

          • Mutapa Jnr

            There is no FIFA rule that condones holigans. There is no FIFA rule that says fans can over rule match officials. Stop behaving in a manner that makes you a fan of violence.

          • N. Sithole

            There is a rule of FAIR PLAY in FIFA statutes.

          • Mutapa Jnr

            Hooliganism is NO FAIR play.

        • Dambie

          Kusosa for FIFA President…..good call…..when we cried about your refree…you said Chicken Inn fans are chickens……

      • Dambie

        You are very correct Mliswa…he was in Grade 7…1999…he is my former classmate Sqokoqela doesn’t have his facts right as much as about yesterday ‘s game…my heart bleeds for Bosso and the new chairman…after a massive turn up yesterday now a chunk of gate takings have to be paid as fines to PSL….ngibuhlungu…umdala wethu left us a legacy of peace and tolerance…the VIOLENT shall ALWAYS LOSE AND WILL ALWAYS FEEL LIKE VICTIMS…

  • lizzy

    Law 11 Offside

    Offside position

    It is not an offence to be in an
    offside position.

    A player is in an offside position if:

    any part of the head, body or feet is in the opponents’
    half (excluding the halfway line) and

    any part of the head, body or feet is nearer to the
    opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent

    The hands and arms of all players, including the
    goalkeepers, are not considered.

    A player is not in an offside
    position if level with the:

    second-last opponent or

    last two opponents

    Offside offence

    A player in an offside position at
    the moment the ball is played or touched by a team-mate is only penalised on
    becoming involved in active play by:

    interfering with play by playing or touching a ball
    passed or touched by a team-mate or

    interfering with an opponent by:

    preventing an opponent from playing or being able to
    play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or

    challenging an opponent for the ball or

    clearly attempting to play a ball which is close to him
    when this action impacts on an opponent or

    making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the
    ability of an opponent to play the ball


    gaining an advantage by playing the ball or interfering
    with an opponent when it has:

    rebounded or been deflected off the goalpost, crossbar
    or an opponent

    been deliberately saved by any opponent

    A player in an offside position receiving the ball from
    an opponent who deliberately plays the ball (except from a deliberate save
    by any opponent) is not considered to have gained an advantage.

    A ‘save’ is when a player stops a
    ball which is going into or very close to the goal with any part of the body
    except the hands (unless the goalkeeper within the penalty area).

    No offside offence

    There is no offside offence if a
    player receives the ball directly from:

    a goal kick

    a throw-in

    a corner kick

  • tops stop spot opts pots post

    walile uMpankwa!

    • tops stop spot opts pots post

      “An error is an error if committed once and an error becomes suspicious if committed twice and thrice. But the minute it becomes more consistent, then it is deliberate” – Steve Komphela. It was not the first time in the game Kusosa made an error, it was becoming too consistent, fine or 3 points lost, the message is driven home, UMpankwa cant take it anymore, sithi uKoswa lilanga siphinde soswe nguKusosa!?

  • Mbla

    Although the referee made a mistake the behaviour of some Bosso fans was uncalled for. PSL should charge Bosso heavily to sent a message to the football fraternity that violence does not pay.

  • Mbla

    Bosso should not host any match in Bulawayo until they know how to manage their fans. Their matches must be played in Zvishavane or Gweru

    • Bongani Dlamini

      You are a sick moron. Why does ZIFA appoint referees who are operatives of the GRAND PLAN. We can not sit back and allow our team to be trampled on and rubbished by people who clearly have some tribal supremacy mindset. This Kusosa chap is a disgrace and must never be allowed anywhere near a football game.

      • Mutapa Svosve

        The Grand Plan is a figment of your imagination. You use discrimination as an excuse every time you lose.

        • N. Sithole

          I am confused. What loss are you talking about?

          • Mutapa Svosve

            You were going to lose the game. DeMbare were running rings around Bosso. But people like Bongani then try to politicise Bosso’s poor showing by saying the ref’s were corrupted and part of the so called GRAND PLAN.

          • N. Sithole

            You make me laugh. What gives you the confidence that Highlanders was going to lose? Is it because you always have your supporters masquerading as referees making dubious decisions in your favour- the Matemeras of this world?

          • Mutapa Jnr

            The Bosso holigans have ensured that this match goes to Dembare. Thanks very much for the 3 points and the 3-0 scoreline. You are free to continue your barbaric behaviour. We are always grateful for the free points donated without a fight.

          • Mutapa Jnr

            Bosso is responsible for the abandonment of the match, their fans caused it. Dembare will be awarded the match by default on a 3-0 score line. GO Bhora Dembare

          • Mutapa Svosve

            Thats good son! I see that you were able to accurately analyse the game like your Father. I am proud of you son!

          • Mutapa Jnr

            Thanks Dad

          • Mbulu Makhasane

            Thinking about weddings in the pitch and you dream victorious????? politics of patronage has distroyed your medula o’ bloncatta and you now just wuffle words like you are losing urine through biliherzia. Correct my spellings coz you got nothing to think about

          • Mutapa Jnr

            Bosso lost this particular match. A decision will be made in favour of Dembare on a 3-0 scoreline. Bosso is solely responsible for the abandonment of the match and in addition to losing the match they will be fined as well. It might be better for you to educate the Bosso hooligans who caused the stoppage. Tell them that each time they do so the team suffers. They are fighting against their own cause. Its self defeating.

          • N. Sithole

            “I would rather be poor and clean than live rich in corruption” (Gregory Isaacs, the cool ruler). Bosso fans felt they would rather be docked 3 points than sanitise a dirty match.

          • Mutapa Jnr

            Good for them. As a Dembare fan, I would encourage them to continue with such behaviour, to me its just a free donation of points. Thanks for the points by the way.

          • vusumuzi

            and when ZANU also righs votes then you cry , forgetting you dish out the same to others. Zimbabwe will never progress, no matter how much favoritism, killings, insults come from the East. Refugees who even flee the peole they claim to be sinking the Zim ship. sorry to my fellow citizens there with Ubuntu

          • Mutapa Jnr

            You’re just another Internet-addicted Bosso holigan suffering from diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the mind. If you knew what you’re talking about, you’d be dangerous. I suggest you need Mark Twain’s advice; “It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”

          • Connie

            What happened to all other so called mistakes by these Dynamos supporters who come to aid their team as referees against a team has no neutral referee on the pitch. Mind you this game was live and how do the look at sports administration and officiating. A wrong will never be a right no matter how we polish it.

          • Mutapa Jnr

            Bosso hooligans were solely responsible for the abandonment of the match and as a result Bosso will forfeit the match on a 3-0 score line. They will also be fined heftily to deter hooligans from repeating their heinous acts. I am aware the grown us at Bosso are very angry at the hooligans who are costing the team dearly. The PSL is there to ensure that hooliganism is rooted out of the fabric of Bosso fans. This must stop and it will.

          • mbobozohluzo

            Sanitize! Sanitize my foot, where dd you learn such stupid english, its Bosso as a club who suffer not and individual the moment you put that in your thick skull the sooner we can fix things in Zim

          • N. Sithole

            You must be sick. Google the word and see its various meanings. You can only comprehend up to the literal level. It’s not your fault. I blame your teachers.

        • Bongani Dlamini

          Uyinja silima. We are discriminated against everyday by political tribal warlords in every aspect of life in this country. We are a people under siege and its not funny wena mbuzi. If you live in this country and can not see how a whole tribe has been put to the knife then you are a disingenuous moron I can not waste time arguing with. How do you explain that 25-30% of a country’s population make up only up to 5% of the civil and uniformed services of the state.

          • mbobozohluzo

            Inja nguwe, owasuka egoli ufake umsila phakathi kwenyawo ubalekela uTshaka, sewafa utshaka buyela phela! umsebenzi yikufuna ukuthethisa abanye! Mgodoyi!

          • Ntandokayiphikiswa

            Yeyi bafo ungazondi lawe vele ungowesatafrika kumbe emozambigwe so ungazagwaba ngelizwe esalintshontshela amatonga lamakalanga mani. singamasela sonke

          • Mbulu Makhasane

            Gadla besabe bafo. Facts are painful coz they are always true.

      • mbobozohluzo

        Zwanini libalutshwana kakhulu mandebele, ngathwa libanengi bekuyabe kuzalwe ama ref koBulawayo, so only the shonaz give birth to referees! So go and make babies first and then tok later!

        • Mbulu Makhasane

          its all about proffessionalism not birth baba. we dont have amaplazi okutshona sizalisana thina nxa man!!! ngathi ubona kunje ufune ukukhuthazabantu ukuyazala. technology and society are dynamic not wena olengqondo zofudu ukuthi 100 years impilo iyabilokhe ifana uze umiswe yinature ukuzala.

    • Mutapa Svosve

      I agree with you Mbla. These unruly Bosso supporters should try to behave well like the Harare supporters. This type of thuggish behaviour is uncalled for!

  • Elton

    Mbla and Mutapa if it was Dynamos or Caps United who would have done than, would your comments be the same?

  • SIR inini

    But Kosasa is one of the few on the international list……kkkkkk

  • Tapson

    i propose that dynamos and highlanders games be played on neutral territory. say independence stadium in lusaka zambia. entry should not be allowed to any zimbabwean. the match officials should come from four different countries.

    • SIR inini


  • Elton Phiri

    The bigger story shouldn’t be about whether or not it was offise, but about the fans’ behaviour. Hooliganism should be CONDEMNED totally… Nothing to justify it

    • Mutapa Jnr

      YES, YES and YES. SPOT ON. The offiside issue is a smokescreen. There is nothing that justifies hooliganism. There is no FIFA rule in favour of holigans.

  • Petros Magomazi

    This reporter is not a competent professional. In fact both the reporter and the editor should be banned from reporting or participating in all football activities. This day and age you cannot allow your emotions to get the better of sound judgment. Mistakes happen in football and cannot therefore be used as an excuse for violence. We have watched bigger matches the world over where referees made mistakes in the 90th minute and involving a match/championship/league/cup winning goal, but without violence ensuing thereafter. It is the duty of our reporters to inform the public how far the rest of the world has progressed in managing such situations. This reporter and the editor must be fired on the spot for bringing the journalism profession and our nation into disrepute. This cannot be allowed to happen this day and age.

    • N. Sithole

      It’s the Dembare referees that should be banned from officiating.

      • Mutapa Jnr

        Sorry, you got this the wrong way round. Its the Bosso hooligans that need to be banned. Especially the likes of you who have no idea what they are talking about. Hooligans like you should never be allowed near a football match

      • mbobozohluzo

        Its pple like you who should go and support netball!

  • Rude Chikabala

    Ricky Zililo whatever your name is you are shameful just like your colleague hooligans. You are a mere incompetent journalist and not an authority in football matters. Time and again I have pointed out this barbarism and idiocy and people thought i was taking it too far but look things continue to get worse. Why should one set of unschooled hooligans for one team bring embarasment to the whole nation. The goal was a clear goal yet you have people that did not go to school googling and citing wrong statutes. its a shame and this club have gone too. The PSL disciplinary committee should come very hard on this club ban them to play before spectators for not less than 10 game. fine the $600 000 and let them sink into oblivion. They have no room in a modern civilized society


    Gentlemen why are we always having problems when these two teams meet, it can not be always the case that the trend follows a pattern, who need competent match officials who are true professionals.Statistics have it in book we rarely get officials officiating at Caf from Zim , ever wondered why?While crowd trouble is strictly not tolerable some things are obvious especially in the eyes of many, so fans feel fooled why play for a known result it defeats the whole point.I think consultation must be done using the rules of the game whether it was offside or onside.If offside then the official must be charged accordingly because it will be clearly his fault.If he took a bribe then he must take the money back we understand the current cash shortages but mr ref dont make money thru bosso AYISOZE IBULAWE ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    • Mutapa Jnr

      Its suprising that you condone the violent behaviour perpetrated by the Bosso hooligans and point your dirty bloody finger at competent match officials. The common denominator with all the troubles is Bosso hooligans who know nothing about the rules of the game and delude themselves about a team that rarely delivers and success on the pitch. The hooligans need to spend more time understanding FIFA rules and encouraging their team to play better instead of being cry babies.

    • mbobozohluzo

      Stupid observation! ayisoze ibulawe? bazayibulala ngama fine!

  • Elton

    Imi makadzidza mune maPHD ebhora chitaurayi zve and make your sentiments be heard about Bosso. To me that amounts to serious hatred towards BOSSO and its family and my fear is that because of such talk, the gap created by hatred will never be bridged. We don’t condone what happened in the stadium yesterday, but please take your hatred speeches somewhere else not on this platform. Who can define a hooligan here? Let me pick an issue here, who were the most violent people in 2016 during the Tajamuka era, people from Harare. You were equally called hooligans because of your violence. So don’t point fingers here. Kusosa messed up a good and enjoyable match.

    • Mutapa Jnr

      Please stop trying to defend the Bosso hooligans who lost their marbles after realising that Dembare is a much better team that they were not able to defeat hence their utter madness at competent match officials who were doing an excellent job. Do not condone violence simply because its from Bosso hooligans. shame on you.